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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 49


I Can Keep my Mouth Shut Because I Have Impulse Control. 

This week we report on what our people want to have by a year from now. Some of the answers are to be expected, but some will surprise. We'll look at the top four answers in reverse order of votes.

Desire number 4. I can keep my mouth shut because I have impulse control. This is a liberating desire. It liberates us from other people's turmoil. It means that when people want to get all riled up about something, they and go ahead and do so...but, we don't have to be involved. There is tremendous relief from not expending our energy on other people's uproars.

Why would recovery from processed foods enable us to keep our mouths shut at crucial moments? Well, it's just because of the way our brains are designed to work.

There's only so much blood flow to the brain. When we're in the food, blood flow goes to the craving and stress parts of the brain because processed foods mercilessly stimulate those part of the...

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