What approach do you recommend?

This would be to join the Addiction Reset Community.  It's an online community that provides all-day support so that you can resist temptation at any time.  It's based on the textbook I wrote edited/wrote, "Processed Food Addiction."

What is the monthly fee for the ARC?

The monthly fee starts from $59 USD

Is there a specific number of months commitment?

No, there is no contract.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can go into your account and take your credit card off any time you like.  It’s totally under your control.

How do I join the ARC?

Just click below


How do I participate?

The ARC is designed so that the program adapts to your schedule and lifestyle.  There are five resources that are available 24 hours per day.  These are the ARC FB Group, website, daily newsletter, daily podcast, and Private Messenger Group. 

How does the
Addiction Reset Community (ARC) work?

What is a typical day?

All events are optional.  You never have to do anything.  We respect our Members.  We offer lots of activities but Members choose what they want to do.  You have control. We'll help you figure out what events you can come to comfortably.  


In the ARC, we offer up to 15 hours of live scheduling every day through Zoom. This includes Check-in Chats at 4 AM, 7 AM, 8 AM, 11 AM, and 4 PM EST (US) daily. Additionally, we have a community call every day at 8 PM EST (US).


You can fill in the hours between live events as much as you like.  The FB Group, website, newsletter, Podcast, and PM Groups are all places to spend time and be lifted up between events. 

Do I have to follow a specific food plan?

My research for the Processed Food Addiction textbook showed me that the problem is the addictive substances hidden in our food, not real food.  So we will provide you with a list of the foods that research shows to be addictive.  We ask our Members to go slowly in eliminating them.  Going too fast creates stress which triggers relapse.  We also give you a list of the foods that are unprocessed.  We ask you to cross off any that you don't want to eat.  And then, we help you customized the remaining foods into a food plan that works for you.  We respect our Members' food preferences.

The video chats and daily community call, do these meetings have people at all stages of recovery?

We have five video chats and a community call per day.  They are all hosted by a trained peer support advocate.  They do have a structure.  We also offer private messenger groups where Members can visit with one another.  Those groups also have trained support people in them.  


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