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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 54

Be a Good Mirror

to Show a Good Life.

When we remember that mirror neurons run a lot of our thoughts, we definitely want to be around people who are leading the life we want. We want someone who is eating clean. Sure. But we also want someone who is aware of all life can be — someone who is really enjoying life. We want someone who is upbeat. We especially wish to someone who has a sense of purpose. A significant purpose is one of the essential elements of a great life. It is a source of satisfaction and satisfaction is where our best quality of life resides.

What we don’t want is someone who’s stuck on the injustices of life. You know that person. The person who’s’ thought life is filled with outrage and plans for revenge. That is the person who is filling up their heads with lists of what other people are doing wrong...in their judgment. We sometimes find that these judgmental people have worked themselves into positions of power. They might have...

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