Why Try Recovery from Processed Food Addiction (PFA)

Why Should I Try Recovery from Food Addiction?

When so many diets have failed, why should I try one more program?

The answer to this question could save your life, literally!

Because research shows why diets cannot succeed. 


They never would have succeeded no matter how perfectly you had followed them.

They're the wrong answer to weight-loss.


Because research shows that weight gain is associated with a kind of addiction. 


Yup!  Processed Food Addiction (PFA)

In this brief lesson, learn why you might want to try recovery from food addiction.


It'll just take a few minutes.

Why Should I Try Recovery from Food Addiction?

This is a quick lesson that reveals the secrets behind why every diet has failed. Research shows that diets have failed for everyone, not just you.  How could that be?

No matter how many diets you've tried, recovery from processed food addiction is different and worth learning more.

This easy lesson also shares why you should give an expert food addiction recovery program a try. We're suggesting the in Home Addiction Reset Program (HARP).

In the HARP we walk you through your first week of recovery. You are welcome to come to our Reset Lounge (video conference via zoom) as often as you would like to. In the Reset Lounge you will visit face to face with Dr. Joan Ifland, her staff, and with other members in the HARP. We also conduct live interviews which you can be a part of our Panel Discussion, and get to ask your questions. Our Reset Lounge is open 24/7 during the HARP week. You also get a 30 day free trial of the ARC, plus 7 Days to Gorgeous Meals and the HARP are yours to keep.





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