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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 45

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

This week we're counting down to the worst of the holiday experiences. Talking about these stressful occurrences takes power out of them.  Learning skills for how to stay calm and clean during provocation is priceless.  So here we go.  Number 4. Pressure comments from family and friends.  The worst comment is, 'Live a little.'  Yes.  Really.  People say that!  So we're standing there defending our right to be healthy and well.  But that pusher in the crowd is taunting us.  Yes, I think we can use the word 'bullying' us. We're being bullied because we don't want to consume substances that are associated with 125 diseases.  We don't want to be in pain.  We don't want to be depressed, so we are saying a big 'NO THANKS!' 

So the pusher comes back with a shaming message.  The subtitle for 'Live a little' is 'you're no fun.  You're a stick-in-the-mud.'  But there is a...

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