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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 50

My Group Makes me feel calm, even when I'm not at Meetings. 

This week we asked our ARC members to tell us what they get out of being in a support group. Then, we asked our FB community to vote on which benefits are most important to them. Today we reveal the results so you can know if you’re getting the best out of your group or even if it would make sense to get into a support group. As always we are looking for how this information helps us keep control of our food.
Here we go in reverse order. Staying calm, no matter what is going on. Many people don’t know that staying calm no matter what is the core secret to maintaining control over food. Stress is very closely related to cravings. A good jolt of stress can so provoke the craving pathways in the brain that instant loss of control can result. Your support group should be teaching specific and easy exercises to stay calm in moments of stress. There are exercises to do to shift from excited to calm....
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