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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 55



The fourth greatest cause of relapse listed was Boredom. I have had my suspicions about boredom. People do report that they ate because they were bored. But let’s think about this for a minute. There is always something to do. We can always read a book. We can always go to the library. We can always go for a walk. We can always do some projects around the house. There’s really never any reason to be bored.

But processed foods take away our ability to do many things. Maybe we're too tired. Perhaps we are to brain fog.

I think it’s the combination of tired, depressed, and brain fog in combination with cravings that creates the sensation of being bored. If we weren't brained fog, and tired, we would surely get up and do something fun. But the inability to be creative with our time in combination with cravings results and eating. 

We are literally unable to think of anything else to do.


Coming Home too Hungry

The third most common...
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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 54

Be a Good Mirror

to Show a Good Life.

When we remember that mirror neurons run a lot of our thoughts, we definitely want to be around people who are leading the life we want. We want someone who is eating clean. Sure. But we also want someone who is aware of all life can be — someone who is really enjoying life. We want someone who is upbeat. We especially wish to someone who has a sense of purpose. A significant purpose is one of the essential elements of a great life. It is a source of satisfaction and satisfaction is where our best quality of life resides.

What we don’t want is someone who’s stuck on the injustices of life. You know that person. The person who’s’ thought life is filled with outrage and plans for revenge. That is the person who is filling up their heads with lists of what other people are doing wrong...in their judgment. We sometimes find that these judgmental people have worked themselves into positions of power. They might have...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 52

I Enjoy my Life More

This week we're delving into the value of emotional stability. This is the issue is what got me to adopt food addiction as a career in 1996, 23 years ago. Yes, I needed to lose weight, and that’s what got me to try eliminating sugars and flours. I was a yo-yo dieter, and I was back at my top weight. So I tried a new 'diet.' The 'diet' eliminated sugars and flours. I was always willing to try a new 'diet.' I had no idea that I was at step 1 of recovery from vicious substances.

Along with weight cycling, emotional stability was a big issue for me. I was a rager. I had no idea that the two were related. Along with yo-yo dieting, I was working on the raging through personal therapy, women’s empowerment groups, and 12 Step Groups. I wanted the emotional stability, but none of it worked until I eliminated sugars and flours from my food plan.

Of course, I was shocked that the raging stopped. I hardly knew what to do with my emotional stability. My family...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 51

newsletter Feb 02, 2019

I Need a lot more time Around Healthy People Than I Thought

This week we show how to harness science in your battle with processed foods and the neuromarketers who strive to give us cravings.  Neuro-marketers use tragically effective methods to program our craving pathways to yell EAT EAT EAT inside our heads.  They use science to find out how to create the most overwhelming cravings possible.  Well, we can learn the science too!  And we can fight back by learning how to avoid and counteract their tactics.

Today we'll look at four findings from research that ARC members have used to recover sanity.  They've learned what they need to do to block out the neuro-marketers and restore control over their food.  In reverse order, we'll talk about their top four strategies.

Number 4 is: I need a lot more time around clean-eating people than I thought. I'm surprised that this realization wasn't chosen for number 1.  Why?  Because spending lots of time...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 50

My Group Makes me feel calm, even when I'm not at Meetings. 

This week we asked our ARC members to tell us what they get out of being in a support group. Then, we asked our FB community to vote on which benefits are most important to them. Today we reveal the results so you can know if you’re getting the best out of your group or even if it would make sense to get into a support group. As always we are looking for how this information helps us keep control of our food.
Here we go in reverse order. Staying calm, no matter what is going on. Many people don’t know that staying calm no matter what is the core secret to maintaining control over food. Stress is very closely related to cravings. A good jolt of stress can so provoke the craving pathways in the brain that instant loss of control can result. Your support group should be teaching specific and easy exercises to stay calm in moments of stress. There are exercises to do to shift from excited to calm....
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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 49


I Can Keep my Mouth Shut Because I Have Impulse Control. 

This week we report on what our people want to have by a year from now. Some of the answers are to be expected, but some will surprise. We'll look at the top four answers in reverse order of votes.

Desire number 4. I can keep my mouth shut because I have impulse control. This is a liberating desire. It liberates us from other people's turmoil. It means that when people want to get all riled up about something, they and go ahead and do so...but, we don't have to be involved. There is tremendous relief from not expending our energy on other people's uproars.

Why would recovery from processed foods enable us to keep our mouths shut at crucial moments? Well, it's just because of the way our brains are designed to work.

There's only so much blood flow to the brain. When we're in the food, blood flow goes to the craving and stress parts of the brain because processed foods mercilessly stimulate those part of the...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 48

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 47

I Brought no Processed Foods in the House

The members of the ARC were kind enough one day to share with me what they did during the holidays to keep themselves from lapsing.  We asked the Facebook Group, Food Addiction Education, to answer a poll with the most common techniques used to keep control over food through the holidays.  Here are the top four answers.

Number 4.  I didn't bring processed foods into my house.

This is a brilliant strategy for any time of the year, but it's especially valuable during high-risk times.  High-risk times are those times when food and stress stimulation increases.  High-risk periods can happen any time of the year.  So it's great to know how to get ready for them.

Not bringing processed foods into the house is a lot like not permitting smoking in the house.  People say, but smoking creates second-hand smoke that's dangerous.  Processed foods don't do that."

Well, processed foods do something much worse....

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 46

I'm Bored in Social Situations.

By now, many of us have spent some time in a social situation this month.  We had feelings while we were there.  We might have had negative feelings at gatherings.  We might have been uncomfortable there.  This happens to many people.  You are not alone in this.

Today, we are going to bust the myth that people in a group are always having fun.  We're going to show you the top four difficult emotions that people experience in group settings.  You will experience the joy of knowing that you're normal.  Many people experience negative feelings at gatherings.  Here we go.

The number 4 top feeling is being bored.  Yes!  Bored.  This is quite understandable. Let's face it. People go to group events for the processed foods and drinks served there.  People go because a group event is an excellent cover for using processed foods with abandon.  I think that most people have some level of...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 45

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

This week we're counting down to the worst of the holiday experiences. Talking about these stressful occurrences takes power out of them.  Learning skills for how to stay calm and clean during provocation is priceless.  So here we go.  Number 4. Pressure comments from family and friends.  The worst comment is, 'Live a little.'  Yes.  Really.  People say that!  So we're standing there defending our right to be healthy and well.  But that pusher in the crowd is taunting us.  Yes, I think we can use the word 'bullying' us. We're being bullied because we don't want to consume substances that are associated with 125 diseases.  We don't want to be in pain.  We don't want to be depressed, so we are saying a big 'NO THANKS!' 

So the pusher comes back with a shaming message.  The subtitle for 'Live a little' is 'you're no fun.  You're a stick-in-the-mud.'  But there is a...

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