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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 43

mirror neurons newsletter Dec 06, 2018

 Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

Today we unlock the mystery of how we manage to lose control over our food...against our will and much to our dismay.  Science is increasingly focused on the role of mirror neurons in our decisions about what to eat.  It seems that these powerful neurons can direct us to do what the people around us are doing...no matter what...eating. Especially when it comes to eating. Have you ever had the experience of watching someone eat something and then getting an intense craving for that food?  Maybe you haven't thought about that food for a long time, but suddenly you can't get it off your mind.  Those thoughts could be coming from your mirror neurons.  Those mirror neurons might think that eating the same thing as the other person could save your life, even if the opposite is true.  So learning how to manage the thoughts that emanate from mirror neurons is super valuable.

Your mirror neurons are always watching...

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