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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 45

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

This week we're counting down to the worst of the holiday experiences. Talking about these stressful occurrences takes power out of them.  Learning skills for how to stay calm and clean during provocation is priceless.  So here we go.  Number 4. Pressure comments from family and friends.  The worst comment is, 'Live a little.'  Yes.  Really.  People say that!  So we're standing there defending our right to be healthy and well.  But that pusher in the crowd is taunting us.  Yes, I think we can use the word 'bullying' us. We're being bullied because we don't want to consume substances that are associated with 125 diseases.  We don't want to be in pain.  We don't want to be depressed, so we are saying a big 'NO THANKS!' 

So the pusher comes back with a shaming message.  The subtitle for 'Live a little' is 'you're no fun.  You're a stick-in-the-mud.'  But there is a...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 44

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

We'll reveal the results of our Facebook poll on members' biggest holiday problems. And, you'll be receiving advice from the world's leading expert in processed food addiction, Dr. Joan Ifland.

1. How do I deal with stress without eating?

2. How do I go about eating differently than my family/guests?

3. How can I stick to my budget and eat clean when my expenses are so high during the holidays?

4. How do I get my family to understand how sick these processed foods make me feel and act?

The first question is also the toughest if you don't know how the brain works. If you don't know that the brain runs primarily on messages from mirror neurons, then you might think that you could hang around with stressed out people without being stressed.

I know the brain doesn't work that way. The brain copies the people around it, and if the people around you are stressed, then the brain will direct you to be stressed as well.

Have you ever had a date with a...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 43

mirror neurons newsletter Dec 06, 2018

 Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

Today we unlock the mystery of how we manage to lose control over our food...against our will and much to our dismay.  Science is increasingly focused on the role of mirror neurons in our decisions about what to eat.  It seems that these powerful neurons can direct us to do what the people around us are doing...no matter what...eating. Especially when it comes to eating. Have you ever had the experience of watching someone eat something and then getting an intense craving for that food?  Maybe you haven't thought about that food for a long time, but suddenly you can't get it off your mind.  Those thoughts could be coming from your mirror neurons.  Those mirror neurons might think that eating the same thing as the other person could save your life, even if the opposite is true.  So learning how to manage the thoughts that emanate from mirror neurons is super valuable.

Your mirror neurons are always watching...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 42

newsletter Nov 29, 2018

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

I think most people have no idea about the amount of rearranging processed foods do in our brains.  It's extensive, and it's beyond distressing.  Fortunately, we know it's fixable with the right people and the proper routines.  I am hoping that if people know how processed foods rearrange the brain, they'll take the right steps to repair the alternations and get back to consistently happy thoughts.  So here goes.

We're going to talk about four parts of the brain.  The first is the craving/pleasure/reward/addiction part of the brain.  Yes.  All of those functions take place along the same neuro-pathway.  The same part of the brain that gives us those horrible cravings and obsession also gives us the overwhelming urge or addiction to eating harmful substances. And in a puzzling way, it gives us pleasure and reward.  The craving/pleasure pathway is where the addiction grabs hold.  It's where the...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 41

newsletter Nov 21, 2018

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

OK! In the US, it's Thanksgiving Week. We're at the second event of the processed food three-ring circus of commercialism which has overtaken three lovely spiritual days out of our year. We've gotten through phase one super hyper-stimulated cravings formerly known as Hallowed Eve, now known as a sugar-soaked production of the Halloween Industry. I'm not kidding. As the three month end of year extravaganza of relentless commercial stimulation progresses, some innocent bystanders have already fallen... in fact, as soon as Halloween candy hit the stores 15 minutes into Labor Day, they were goners. But some of us withstood Phase One Halloween by ordering groceries online and just flipping off the lights on October 31. Excellent strategies. Easy to implement and astonishingly effective.

No matter where you stand regarding readiness and resolution, Thanksgiving can still be yours safely and sanely without the troublesome experience of eating toxic...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 39

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2018

How Does Sugar Cause Cancer?

This week we're reporting on the top-notch Low-Carb USA Conference partnering with JumpstartMD. It was held in San Francisco November 2-3. This is easily one of the best conferences I've ever attended. Why? Because the rock-star scientists were in the room presenting on their own findings. These are the scientists who fight to raise funds, recruit study participants, analyze data, and publish their findings so you and I can know what the heck is really going on. Our first shocking expose is that the process by which sugar causes cancer is now known! It's documented. Lewis Cantley, Ph.D. discovered how it works. Here's the rundown.

1. Eat sugar.

2. Sugar goes into the bloodstream and elevates blood glucose.

3. The pancreas releases insulin to bring blood glucose back down to a safe level.

4. The insulin attaches to a cancer cell and tells the cancer cell to absorb glucose.

5. With the new glucose, the cancer cell has enough fuel to replicate too fast...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 37

newsletter Oct 24, 2018

Go Ahead and Make my Food Addiction Worse.

This issue of "Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction" is designed to keep you safe through the holidays. It's hard to believe that we are just one week away from the first onslaught of sugar tidal wave at Halloween. Yet there are specific things we can do to stay safe from the depressing, brain-fogging effects of processed foods. Preparation is everything. Visualizing how you want your two months of intense food stimulation to will help incredibly. Also, of course, being in a band of recovery warriors will help too. Tonight we tackle loneliness, holiday foods, how to handle family members, and staying true to the meaning of each holiday. We've got your back. We're dedicated to giving you the best holiday you've ever had. Not because of horrible processed foods, but because you'll be happy.

Loneliness is often mentioned by food addicts as a factor that drives them to overeat. Loneliness can slowly envelop us over the years because our...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 36

newsletter Oct 17, 2018

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

This week we are fortunate to have Julia Ross as our guest here at the newsletter and at the Food Addiction Reset TV Program. Julia Ross is a psychotherapist who may have been the first health professional to use food addiction recovery concepts such as focus on stopping the cravings. She is a legend in the field of food addiction. Can you imagine if every mental health professional in the world knew that processed foods can cause profound mood disorders? I so wish that every therapist, counselor, and coach knew to get their clients off of processed foods before making any kind of a treatment plan. How in the world would anyone, professional or client, know what to work on in terms of childhood issues if the clients is wigged out on processed foods? What mood issues are coming from the food? What issues are from childhood? And what's the impact of life in this moment? Absolutely no way to know this without taking out the process foods. Julie...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 35

newsletter Oct 10, 2018

Connection to a Tribe is Life-Saving

Welcome to Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction. This is an exciting week because we're reviewing a book that really knows how to recover from food addiction. We've talked before about Robert Lustig's book, The Hacking of the American Mind and we're returning to it for more insider tips about how to recover control over food. Dr. Lustig organizes his guidelines into four categories: Connect, Contribute, Cope, and Cook. We're working these categories into our Addiction Reset Community every day. We lay them out here for you so you can implement them at home.

CONNECT. People are designed to live in tribes. For hundreds of thousands of years, if a person was in a good tribe, they would live. They would be protected from predators, starvation, and bad weather. They would have shelter and many eyes watching for danger. On the other hand, if they were alone, they would die. They would be killed by another animal. They wouldn't be able to find enough...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 34

newsletter Oct 03, 2018

Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

So glad you're here this week. We're going to continue the discussion from last week about how the health community is engaged in malpractice with obese patients. We're reviewing an article by Michael Hobbs, "Everything You Know about Obesity is Wrong." Last week, we learned that health professionals fail to make needed diagnoses, perform tests, and give appropriate advice to their obese patients. Here at Hidden in Plain Sight we're teaching our readers how to fight back respectfully, but firmly. We want our readers to know that we stand with you. When confronting a practitioner who is denying you basic services, you are not alone. We see it. We understand it. We get it. We are with you.

Michael Hobbs has done a thorough job of blasting through harmful myths about obesity. Today, we'll extend Michael's observations to society at large. We'll take about how our interactions with work colleagues, the public, and our family affect us. We'll be...

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