Concierge Service

With the ARC Concierge Service,
you get personalized answers in a private setting
from a trained food addiction expert.

No more 'tips' that don't work.
No more judgment.

Food Addiction science and personal respect come together to give you safe, clear, effective direction.

"I've never felt so heard and understood like I did with my ARC concierge."

~ KY. ARC Concierge Member
  • Your one-on-one session gives you personalized strategies for freedom from food
  • Your private session is over Zoom from the comfort of your own space
  • You get to focus on the issues that are most important to you
  • You get to set the time that works for you.
  • You come away with the exact skills you need in relationships, food prep, thought control, trauma resolution, etc.
  • You discover exactly why your struggles are not your fault and why the programs you've tried were broken. You get specific ideas about how to recover from amateur advice.
  • Your Advocate is a trained ARC Manager with months and months of training in the science of why we do things and the kindness of how to gain control.

Your concierge knows what you really need:

personalized expertise in processed food addiction

We really need to find out how to be kind to ourselves while protecting ourselves from processed food addiction merchants.


"In my first session, I saw clearly that other support people were missing the science and compassion. The science shows how much we've suffered needlessly and the compassion flows out of that knowledge. I am finally home and safe."

~PF. ARC Concierge Member

"My concierge had answers I've never heard anywhere else.
And the answers actually worked for the first time!"

~KR. ARC Concierge Member

Connection is the opposite of addiction

Book your concierge program today!

And get all the benefits of the Addiction Reset Community

And the Daily Premium Check-in Service...

Plus a monthly hour with your own concierge

"I really like my concierge.
I feel safe because their ideas feel safe.
The ideas are steps I can easily take.
And the steps work!!"

~HC. ARC Concierge Member

With your ARC Concierge by your side,



"When my concierge explained the science behind my personal block, and how to use the science to remove the block, I suddenly realized that I was really going to get out of the mess of food insanity."

~FP. ARC Concierge Member

ARC Concierge Package
$197 per month


ARC Regular Package 


ARC Premier Package 


Monthly one-on-one meetings with your ARC Concierge for up to 50 minutes 


"Now that my Concierge has explained the truth, I am so happy to find out how easy it is fix my problems, and stop the suffering."

~GT. ARC Concierge Member

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