Meet the Concierges of the
Addiction Reset Community (ARC)
*FARA Food Addiction Recovery Advocate

Holly Levine
Director of ARC Manager Training (AMT), FARA* Certified, Sr. ARC Manager

What I love about the ARC is the relief it gives Members. The relief from suffering, pain, and guilt is so uplifting. Training in the skills needed to reduce suffering is empowering. In our hour together, we will create new knowledge and a path forward for you based on the science of processed food addiction.

What Joan Ifland says about Holly:     Holly's Byron Katie Hour is the most popular of the week for good reason!  She's all heart and she heals our hearts.


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Heather Hewett, ND, CH, Director of the Addiction Reset Community, FARA* Certified, Sr. ARC Manager

The ARC is the first place I really learned how to gain control over food and health.  Within a few months of joining, I trained in my passion for helping others. After three years in the ARC, I've learned how to help others be gentle and smart within themselves. You'll develop these skills in our hour together. 

What Joan Ifland says about Heather: Everyone loves Heather.  She's the ARC's go-to Advocate. She's soothing and empowering at the same time.


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Sally Johnson, MA, RD, LD, CFMP

 After years of following conventional dietetics, I realized I wasn't helping my patients. Now, with ancestral health and food addiction recovery I'm seeing results.  I've been free from processed foods since 2013. In our hour together, I'll show you how to get free too. I'm the author of three real food cookbooks: The Paleo 30-Day Challenge, The Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook For Beginners and The Complete Paleo Cookbook for Beginners

What Joan Ifland says about Sally: In my opinion, Sally is the most valuable dietitian on the planet. She has helped me with my food and my self-kindness.

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Paige Alexander, RN


In addition to my RN, I'm also a nationally certified health coach and massage therapist. Since age 13, I've been on an exhausting journey to find freedom from food addiction. I finally found the answer to getting off sugar permanently and will never ever go back. My strength is food prep.  Lovely clean meals can mean success.

What Joan Ifland says about Paige:     Being around Paige is like basking in the sun. Except she's also got the best insider tips on food!





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Brenda McGinley, M.S.N


I have a passion for Lifestyle Medicine and a Whole Food, Plant-Based way of eating. I love coaching people in the areas of health and personal growth to help them attain their goals!  I will show how you can succeed with a Plant-Based Food Plan. During our hour together, I will guide you on how to build the lifestyle that works best for you.

What Joan Ifland says about Brenda: Brenda is creating a special safe place for Plant-Based followers to recover from processed foods.





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Cathy Fleming


 When I first found Joan Ifland I was food obsessed and tired, tired of chasing food. You know what Joan helped me find? Home. Somewhere I felt understood and not alone anymore. During our hour together, I hope I can give you a little bit of peace and comfort knowing we're in this together.  I also would love to help you process anything you might be going through with the help of one of the ARC exercises. 

What Joan Ifland says about Cathy: Cathy speaks from her heart so deeply. I feel connected to her easily when I hear her speak. She understands everything I say. I'm honored to know her.


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