Over-reliance on Pharmaceutical and Surgery


1930’s Rockefeller development of medical training curriculum. The hidden goal of suppressing competition for an emerging pharmaceutical industry. Quashing of effective, free approaches to disease remission.

Suppressing Effective, Free Approaches to Disease Remission

Working with state legislatures to prohibit the delivery of alternative approaches. Limiting the scope of professional licenses to prevent the offering of non-pharmaceutical approaches. Distortion of medical approaches to be superior to natural approaches

Denial of the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself


Failure to even mention methods for improving the body’s own functions. Denial of the efficacy of such approaches when asked. Threats to withhold mainstream medical services if alternative services are used

Stress Elimination


Stress puts the body into fight-or-flight mode. Fight-or-flight mode diverts blood flow to muscles. Fight-or-flight prevents cells from receiving nourishment, anti-inflammation, and immune function.

Comprehensive Diet Overhaul


Honest identification of problematic processed foods. Long-term strategies for making changes permanently. Short-term tactics for living very differently from others around us. Recognition that the tobacco industry created an addiction to processed foods.

Promotion of Anti-inflammation, Pro-immune, and Cell Regulation Functions

New research shows many methods for increasing the body’s own anti-inflammation and pro-immune functions. Non-pharmaceutical methods support cell health. Most of these approaches are free of cost. Most of these approaches are very easy to learn

Pharmaceutical Side-effects

Side-effects of pharmaceuticals and surgery. Denied access due to the cost of pharmaceuticals. Needless expense of over-the-counter medications.

Lifelong Pain

Inflammation runs riot. Needless painful conditions. Easy pain remission techniques are not mentioned in treatment plans.

Needless Disabilities

Joint pain limits mobility. Excessive fat tissue immobilizes. Fatigue prevents engagement. Mood disorders limit life.




Deny the efficacy of diet change. Leave in inflammatory processed foods. May recommend processed foods. Lack of training in creating easy meals. No training in how to work with household members. No help with cravings and withdrawal.

Current Treatment Fails to Neutralize Powerful
Craving Triggers/Cues

Media, relationships, workplaces, advertising, availability, emotions, screens and sleep

Diet Improvement Has Been Shown to Be a Route to Remission of Many Diseases

Diabetes, cancer, heart, musculoskeletal, depression/anxiety, mental disorders, obesity, gut, skin and reproductive.


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