ARC Premium

With the ARC Premium Service,
you finally solve the problem
of not-enough-time.

In fifteen minutes,
while you're getting ready for the day,
your brain gets laser-focused on how to stay in control over food.

"OMG! ARC Premium Service is a dream come true.
I'm a single mom with a full-time job.
I never thought I'd get control over my food."

ARC Member Testimonial
  • You check in with your intention, affirmation, and gratitude.

  • You check in with four other ARC Members over zoom.

  • You hear four other affirmations, intentions, and gratitude.  Your conformance drive is safely engaged with healthy ARC Members

  • Your ARC Manager is right there to give you quick tips for your daily challenges.

  • In less than 15 minutes, your thoughts are under control.

  • When it's easy for you, throughout the day, you join ARC events for a few minutes. Your intention is kept strong.

  • Your thoughts return again and again to your intentions. You are safe from marketers whose intentions are to profit from you.

Your brain only needs direction and security:

Brains are created to work best in small 'tribes.'

Affirmation, intention, and gratitude are surprisingly effective

when spoken daily to a small group

"My Premium service has really set my day up in the right way. It gives me a reason to do what I need to do for my day to be what I want it to be"

Ronna S IL

"I've spent a lot of time and money on programs that didn't work.
They lacked the precision, kindness, and science of the ARC Premium Service.
I wish I'd found this years and years ago."

ARC Premium Member

Daily connection is the opposite of addiction

Join the ARC Premium Service today!

And get all the benefits of the Addiction Reset Community

And a Daily Small Group Premium Check-in Service

with an ARC Trained Manager


"I need my support to be quick and convenient so I can get on with my day.
I'm surprised that the Premium Serivce alone can stop the cravings.
Plus I can use free time on the weekends to dive into the ARC as much as I want. "

ARC Premium Service Member

With the ease of the ARC Premium Service Daily Check-in





"Now that I understand the science
behind setting intention, affirmation, and gratitude at the beginning of the day,
I understand why the Premium Service works.
Thank goodness for the science. "

ARC Premium Service Member

ARC Premier Daily Check-in Service
$97 per month


 ARC Regular Package 


Daily small-group ZOOM call with your ARC Advocate for up to 15 mins (Mon-Fri) 


"Now that my Concierge has explained the truth, I am so happy to find out how easy it is fix my problems, and stop the suffering."

ARC Member Testimonial

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