Expert Emotional Self-Care
to Stop Negative Thinking

Self-Guided Training Course

The Expert Emotional Self-Care Short Self-Guided Course is the premier short course for gaining specific skills to free yourself from negative feelings.

You will learn exercises used for decades to stop suffering from painful feelings. We pull from hands-on experience with empowering people to safely turn on pleasant feelings at will.

Dr Joan Ifland

I am Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA, FACN and the CEO of the Remission Optimistic Community and Food Addiction Reset. I have worked hard since 1996 to create a reliable pathway for you to escape the misery of processed foods.  I care about you, and I’m here for you. 

Brenda Fitzgerald

Brenda Fitzgerald is a Certified Food Addiction Advocate (FARA), a  Nutrition and Wellness Coach and a Certified Spiritual and Life Coach. After battling and overcoming her own health challenges, she now has over 15 years of experience in holistic interventions and Wellness Coaching, helping others find balance and improved health through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life changes.

People suffering from negative feelings look to Expert Emotional Self-Care when:


  • They’re seeking to replace anxiety and depression with confidence and optimism. 
  • They’re frustrated that traditional therapy methods have failed or even left them more distressed.
  • They’re facing growing fears for the quality of their lives. They suspect there are approaches to calm happiness that they don’t know about.
  • They want to turn on authentic happiness easily. 
  • They want the keys to stop negativity without suppressing or numbing out.
  • They realize the people around them are bringing them down. 

How We Are Different:

  • The Expert Emotional Self-Care course is based on years of experience watching people overcome negative feelings gracefully and easily.
  • We work directly from deep experience in the ARC (online recovery community), watching what works and what doesn’t.  We’re not relying on theory but actual peer support experience.
  • We’re aware of the broad range of sources of negative thinking and have developed approaches to neutralize each one.
  • Dr. Ifland wrote the textbook on processed food recovery.  She is an expert in the impact of food on mood.
  • We combine self-compassion to resolve trauma with specific techniques to ease the stress of loneliness.
  • The course is affordable at $29.

What you can expect during the 4-week course:

Week 1: Find out how to head off feelings at the source

  • People
  • Toxic culture
  • Trauma
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Workplace   

Week 2: Learn how to turn on your feel-good brain chemicals

  • Learn 5 easy techniques for turning on your dopamine
  • Find out how to protect against advertisers assaulting your brain
  • Find out how to enhance your own control over pleasure neurotransmitters, including opioids and serotonin. 
  • Walk confidently for the rest of your life in your ability to determine your own emotions.   

Week 3: Make emotions your friends

  • Learn a practical, easy exercise to use emotions to heal pain
  • Use emotions to heal rather than retraumatize
  • Find out how to turn off fear of negative emotions
  • Slow down emotions long enough to calm them
  • Use emotions to trace their origins and heal them

Week 4: How to stop people from hurting you

  • Learn a 7-Step process to gain immediate relief from others’ hurtful behaviors 
  • Learn effective alternatives to ‘forgiving.’
  • Escape lifelong anger and grief.
  • Walk free from others’ control over you. 


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What people are saying about the self-guided
Expert Emotional Self-Care
to Stop Negative Thinking course.

In the first week of class, we were taught an exercise…that night, I felt healed. I read the card I wrote that night daily, and I felt healed that very week from something I have been trying to get healed from for 9 years at this point.


I didn’t know how to be in this world when bad things happened, and ate to deal with my feelings. Now I have tools and skills…I finally learned how to live life without eating over my emotions


This is the best investment I have ever made…and would recommend this course for anyone who is suffering.


Expert Emotional Self-Care
to Stop Negative Thinking

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