Successfully Eliminate Caffeine
and Unlock Your
Natural Energy

Self-guided Course

Caffeine can be one of the most difficult substances to eliminate but a necessary part of a clean eating lifestyle if you want to reduce anxiety, stress, and food cravings.

This self-guided course gives you the personal guidance, tools, and resources to create a protocol that is right for you, with the least withdrawal symptoms. Enjoy a calm nervous system, peaceful sleep, and stable energy levels.

Meet your expert facilitator

Leslie Marioni

Leslie Marioni is a Clean Food Nutrition Expert with almost 20 years of clinical experience who helps people finally stop the destructive cycles of yo-yo dieting, compulsive eating, and endless food cravings.

Leslie is a Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition graduate, a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, The American Society of Nutrition, and an Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialist Lifestyle Coach.

People suffering from the effects of caffeine look to this course to:


  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Find Your Inner Calm
  • Stop Afternoon and Evening Energy Slumps and Cravings
  • Sleep Peacefully and Soundly 

What you can expect during the self-guided course:

Caffeine Elimination is Important for Long-Term Health

You will learn the hidden dangers of caffeine by looking at the science. You will gain a deeper understanding of how caffeine negatively effects your health, your brain, and your personality.

It's Not Your Fault. Caffeine is BIG Business

You will learn how caffeine hijacks your reward system and how the industry is there for profit, not your health. You will learn to create a customized phase 1 caffeine detox protocol based on bio-individuality and cutting-edge behavioral change techniques.

Manage Withdrawal, Create Natural Energy and Cope with Stress

You will learn how to create natural energy, starting at the cellular level. You will also acquire skills to cope with stress, lessen cravings, and start reversing the nutrient depletion associated with caffeine use.

Discovering Who You are Without Caffeine

This final session is about self-discovery and reconnecting to your values and a sense of joy to cultivate emotional resilience and high-level wellness. You will learn how to activate "feel good" chemicals in your body without the stimulation of caffeine.

Here is what you get:

  • The self-guided 'Successfully Eliminate Caffeine & Unlock Your Natural Energy' course
  • Access to Bonus Resources
  • Option for adding one-on-one support


Questions? Email: lesli[email protected] 


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What people are saying about
the 4-week course with Leslie

The transition to zero caffeine was made possible for me because of this course. It really clarified why my body doesn't need it and how to gradually, consciously and willingly say farewell to this culturally ubiquitous substance, and long entrenched habit, with ease. Leslie's materials and guidance are apt & methodical, and her manner is supportive and kind.Yvete C.


I truly believe this course has give me a chance to change my life. I’ve been drinking well over 600mg a day since my first child to “keep up.” I was depleted in many areas in my body due to caffeine. This course is helping me slowly get off of caffeine and head in a direction that I want to go which is to be a pleasant and healthy mom. —Sara T.


Leslie was extremely supportive and she put so much work into putting together the content for the class. With every zoom she asked the right questions to help me reflect on my progress and was never directive in her approach. She helped me structure a program that was customized to my needs and provided guidance and supportive care the entire duration of the course and beyond. Being able to listen and share with others in the live classes was priceless as I learned from and was inspired by all the participants. Leslie went above and beyond to deliver a course that will have a lasting impact on my continued path to living caffeine free and loving it! Kris R.

The Self-guided

Successfully Eliminate Caffeine
and Unlock Your
Natural Energy

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Click here to get the self-guided course for ONLY $39!


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