Pathway To Self Series:
Get Cravings and Overeating Under Control

Self-guided Course

If you want to live a life free of food and weight obsession, then this course is for you. Finally, discover the skills and tools you need in an easy-to-follow, effective and fun format.

People worldwide are signing up for the Self-guided “Get Cravings and Overeating Under Control” course to find peaceful control over food. Learn how to identify and manage triggers & cues as well as proven techniques for stress management and emotional processing. Finally, conquer cravings and overeating to achieve your physical and mental health goals.

Meet our expert facilitators:
Lauren Aaliyah Kolia & Holly Levine

Holly Levine is a Certified Food Addiction Recovery Advocate (FARA), Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of Sound & Vibrational Therapies, as well as a recovering food addict. Holly facilitates all courses and consultations with compassion and openness and an intention to hold space without judgment. She is located just south of Atlanta, GA, USA.

Lauren Aaliyah Kolia is a Certified Food Addiction Recovery Advocate (FARA),Specialized-Nutrition Coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. In her training courses and private consultations, Lauren draws on her extensive training and expertise in these fields, combined with her own triumphs over personal life challenges, to help her clients achieve their wellness goals.  She is based in Durban, South Africa.

Here’s what you will discover:

  • A well-paced, engaging training format, that allows you to become familiar with the science-based skills and tools you need to find peaceful control over food. 
  • Training facilitators who are FARA-certified food addiction recovery experts, who have been trained using the scientific approach of the Addiction Reset Community and the groundbreaking research of Dr Joan Ifand, the author and editor of the textbook ‘Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment and Recovery”.
  • A course that encompasses both the critical foundational knowledge and the most effective skills and tools for managing cues and triggers, to overcome cravings and overeating, to create a life free from food and weight obsession.

What you can expect from the self-guided course:

 Understanding Cravings & Overeating

  • Defining cravings & overeating.
  • What’s driving cravings & overeating in today’s society?
  • Foods that cause cravings and overeating.
  • What happens in the brain?
  • Self-paced exercise.


Managing Triggers & Cues Part 1

  • Defining triggers & cues
  • Cue reactivity
  • Different types of triggers & cues
  • What does availability look like?
  • Cue management for households
  •  Self-paced exercise


Managing Triggers & Cues Part 2

  • Counteracting cravings and creating places of calm 
  • Pattern Disruption
  • Overcoming Night Eating
  • Leveraging mirror neurons and conformance drive
  •  Self-paced exercise


Emotional Processing & Stress Management

  • New Answers To 6 Burning Questions About Emotional Eating
  • How to make emotions your friend
  • How breathwork helps to reduce stress
  • The Science of ‘Affirmations’
  • The Science of ‘Gratitude’
  • Introduction to Brain training exercises and wellness modalities


Here’s what you get:

√ The self-guided Pathway To Self Series:  ‘Get Cravings & Overeating Under Control’ course.

√ Access to Bonus Resources

√ An option to subscribe to Holly & Lauren's 'Pathway To Self' learning hub. Get support in a kind, fun environment on our private Facebook group and a weekly holistic wellness support group meetings on Zoom every Friday at ?am EST

What people are saying about
working with Holly & Lauren

For me, working with both Holly and Lauren in a consultation session was a great experience. Due to the compassionate and understanding character of this session, I felt safe which made it easy to relax and open up. The expertise of both Holly and Lauren was very helpful in identifying the problem and then taking steps to see how my false beliefs can be changed and how to work from there.
It has helped me to continue my road to recovery with more self-confidence!
~Angela, the Netherlands 

2-on-1 with Holly and Lauren


I’ve been in the Addiction Reset Community (ARC) for just over 2 years. During that time I have not only worked on my recovery in the ARC group sessions, but I have also had the privilege of working one-on-one with Lauren-Aaliyah Kolia both as a recovery advocate, and a lifestyle coach. During these sessions, she used various techniques and tools to help me work through my challenges, and find a way forward. I've done the 8 healing questions, The ARC Work adapted from Byron Katie, and NLP sessions with Lauren. I always came away with something actionable that I could use to move my recovery forward. She's helped me to define my road map. I know that I have made great progress in my food sobriety, and growth in my life in general, since being part of these sessions with her.
I am eternally grateful to Lauren for being the kind and compassionate soul that she is, and for being so committed, insightful and authentic during my healing sessions.

~Priya, South Africa

1-on-1 with Lauren


I had the opportunity to meet with Lauren for a one-on-one session to help me through some areas that were creating barriers for progress in my recovery. Lauren has a special style that is so kind and compassionate I feel like I can tell her anything and be completely encouraged and accepted. She has a way of presenting gently probing questions so that I can figure out my deeper issues for myself and design just the right affirmations to help me reframe my limiting beliefs. Lauren is an amazing active listener that models the best of self-care and recovery for us. I feel lucky to have her as my Advocate and as an ongoing resource in the ARC.
~Anja, USA

1-on-1 with Lauren


The first time I met Holly, I immediately knew I’d made the right choice. Holly is ahhhhmazzzzing!!! She has many great qualities that are obvious, but the ones that speak to me the most are her extraordinary patience and care. Once you meet Holly, you’ll realize that she is invested in the success of her group members. She doesn’t rush you. She doesn’t shame you. And she doesn’t trivialize any struggle you may be facing.
~Tanya, Canada

1-on-1 with Holly

The Self-guided

Get Cravings and
Overeating Under Control

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