How to Set Up a Clean Meal Plan

Self-Guided Course

If you want the security and pleasure of easily creating the perfect personal food plan, then this course is for you. Finally, own the skills you need to free yourself from other people’s misguided ideas about what actually works best for you.

People sign up for the 4-Week How to Set Up a Clean Meal Plan course to build confidence and ease in their food plan. Learn how to evaluate whether a food actually works for you…or not! Find out why most food plans are unworkable and why lapsing is not your fault. Learn how to save time and produce all the food you need to avoid lapses and distress. Gain specific easy routines to identify the source of food-related reactions. Skillfully make and enjoy the fun, sane meals that you’ve always wanted.

About Joan Ifland Ph.D

Dr. Joan Ifland created the How to Set Up a Clean Meal Plan course. Joan is the lead author of the first scholarly description of processed food addiction and addictive foods (2009). Her best-selling textbook is Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery (2018). With her team, she co-founded The Addiction Reset Community (ARC) as the first online recovery program (2018), Food Addiction Recovery Advocate (FARA) Training (2020), the Food Addiction Recovery Advocate (FARA) Certification (2021), and the Remission Optimism Community (ROC) (2023). Her education is a PhD in addictive nutrition from Union Institute and University (2010); MBA from Stanford (1978) and BA from Oberlin College (1974). She is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

How We Are Different:

  • Practice in easy menu planning that keeps you sane and secure
  • Hands on practice at shopping for the foods that work best for you
  • How to read your body, mood, energy, and sleep to identify your best foods
  • Freedom from the tyranny of food plans that are actually unworkable!
  • The ability to fend off harmful advice.

What you can expect during the 4-week course:

Week 1: Find out how to fix all your food for the week

  • How to easily create a shopping list. (Unprocessed and Excluded Food Lists)
  • How to pack your grocery bags
  • How to unload groceries
  • How to set up the stove, oven, and crockpot
  • How to portion out meals
  • How to store meals
  • Week 2: How to set up protein rotations

  • How to set up a protein rotation (Protein rotation video)
  • What is a food reaction? 
  • How to substitute a better protein for a problem protein
  • How to tweak your protein rotation 

Week 3: How to set up food rotations

  • How to set up a fruit rotation
  • How to set up a vegetable rotation
  • How to set up a starch rotation
  • How to set up a fat rotation

Week 4: How to maintain your new food plan

  • Get into a great support group (How to choose support video) 
  • How to avoid traumatic food plan support groups
  • The skills you need to defend against a sick food culture (Empowerment video)
  • Walk free from others’ control over you. 

Questions? Email [email protected]

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How to Set Up a Clean Meal Plan Course

Self-Guided Course

How to Set Up a Clean Meal Plan
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