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Grow With The Flow Series:

Neurodivergent Eating:
Mastering Food Management
for Highly Sensitive People

4-Week Training Course

Do you wonder if being a highly sensitive or neurodivergent person is stopping you from making healthy changes to what you eat?

In this course, you will learn how your neurotype affects your ability to sustain healthy eating.

Develop practical skills to master food management while improving emotional regulation, executive functioning, and overall wellness in a supportive community.

Let us help empower you to create peace with food!

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Meet your expert facilitator

Ariana Hamidi is a Food Addiction Recovery Advocate (FARA), Non-profit Director of Programs for Equality and Justice, Filmmaker, and Professor with 20 years of experience. Ariana has designed neuro-inclusive workshops, staff trainings, and support programs for adults and youth in a variety of settings throughout the East Coast of the U.S.

Ariana draws on her lived experience as a recovering food addict and multiple neurodivergent person with expertise in education, mental health, and advocacy to foster a sense of belonging when helping others find their unique path to healing and self-preservation.

Here's why we are different

-We use an accessible training format that integrates lived experience with groundbreaking scientific research from Dr. Joan Ifland, author of the textbook, ‚ÄėProcessed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery.‚Äô


-We help you identify common traits of highly sensitive and neurodivergent people as you examine your food habits without stigma or shame. We welcome you to show up as your authentic self.   


-We provide a safe, inclusive, and compassionate environment that values the knowledge you bring while accommodating your learning style and individual goals around food. We grow more by connecting to peers who understand our unique challenges.  


-Our expert facilitator offers a personalized strength-based approach to help you build skills and strategies to improve your physical and mental health.  You move at your own pace!   

What you can expect during the 4-week course:

Week 1: Awaken Your Autonomy 

  • What does it mean to be a highly sensitive or neurodivergent person?¬†

  • Common traits of brain differences around eating¬†

  • Identify your why: What are the benefits of healthy eating?¬†¬†

  • Celebrate neurodiversity in food management¬†¬†


Week 2: Find foods that fit your life 

  • Understand the difference between processed and unprocessed foods

  • Identify sensory needs around eating¬†

  • Respect your food aversions and find safe foods


Week 3: Identify goals & obstacles 

  • What are your goals around food?¬†¬†

  • What are the barriers to making changes or being consistent?¬†¬†

  • How does processed food affect our brain and body?¬†

  • How does marketing manipulate our food choices?

  • Learn how to leverage your strengths to make healthy changes¬†¬†


Week 4: Activate Your Autonomy 

  • What is spoon theory?¬†

  • How does fluctuating capacity affect food management?¬†¬†

  • Tools to overcome obstacles¬†

  • Planning, pacing, and accommodations¬†¬†


What you will get:

  • Access to the "Grow With the Flow: Neurodivergent Eating: Mastering Food Management for Highly Sensitive People" training course.¬†¬†(4) Weekly 1 hour Zoom meetings with expert facilitator¬†
  • Recorded slide presentations will be sent to you before each live class.¬†
  • Access to a dedicated private Facebook group for Q&A and virtual connection for the duration of the 4-week course¬†
  • Opportunity to participate in an ongoing support group
  • ¬†


Questions? Email: [email protected]


What people are saying about
the 4-week course with Ariana

I found this course to be incredibly helpful in identifying and overcoming barriers created by neurodivergence, and even learned how to use my differences to my advantage! I've implemented a few daily practices that were taught, which has  had a profound effect on the way I delegate my energy as well as my methods of impulse control around food. Ariana's compassion and dedication make her an excellent teacher from whom I'd see anyone succeeding under her guidance - Erin B


Ariana is amazing, kind, no judgement and most of all understands. I am thinking of doing this course again! - anonymous

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Grow With The Flow Series:

Neurodivergent Eating:
Mastering Food Management
for Highly Sensitive People
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