Processed Food Addiction
Continuing Medical Education (CME)


Are you frustrated because your patients
cannot make vital changes to their diets?

In your professional training, did anyone ever say,
"Addiction to processed foods is a common problem
Here are the tools to be successful"?

Training in the management of processed food addiction could stop the frustration of watching preventable diet-related diseases progress.

Shift outcomes to fulfill your purpose in restoring patients to vibrant health.

Food Addiction CME will be released throughout 2021.




Food Addiction CME Modules

Release date to be announced

Processed Food Addiction Severity

It's hard to persuade patients to undertake a successful level of treatment.  Patients think, 'I don't need to go to meetings. I'm different. I can do this with diet alone'

Gently and respectfully educating about the severity of processed food addiction sets up progress.

 Release date to be announced

What Really Works
to Control Eating?

Under the food addiction model, we teach approaches the research shows that work best to restore neuro-functioning in reward, stress, food-seeking and cognitive pathways.

Learn how to educate patients about what to expect.

 Release date to be announced


Drug and Alcohol
Food Addiction Overlap

How do we know that Processed Food Addiction exists? This course shows the 20 areas of overlap between drug/alcohol addiction and compulsive overeating.

Learn how to talk to patients about the many ways that overeating can be an addiction.


Processed Food
and Stress

Learn the surprising relationship between processed foods and stress.  Find out how processed foods create artificial stress that can lead to overeating and a range of consequences, especially in workplaces. Learn specific steps to take to help patients.

Release date to be announced

Banish Weight Stigma

The causes of weight-stigma show it’s not your patients fault. Weight-stigma is dangerous as it can lead to continued weight gain. Internalized weight-stigma is destructive in terms of mood disorders. Learn how to use support to defeat body-stigma with your patients.

Release date to be announced


Processed Food Addiction

How do we know how to proceed with diagnosing the severity of processed food addiction?
How do we create the right treatment plan?
Learn how to create an accurate road map that finally leads to success for your patients from processed food addiction.


Safe Weight Management

Release date to be announced

Food Addiction
and Mental Health

Processed foods have a profound impact on brain function, especially mood and cognitive function.

Find out how to use recovery to restore your patient's mental health. And, how to prevent mental health issues from blocking recovery.

 Release date to be announced


Catching Food Addiction From Social Circles

Release date to be announced


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