What will your days be like on Food Addiction Reset Week?

Completely Immerse yourself in
kindness and science for seven full days.
What a relief it will be to quickly get control of your food!
Conformance drive, from working with others
is one of the keys to our At-Home Rehab.

You will be cared for and taught by members
who have been extensively trained by Dr. Ifland
in her immersion program of recovery.
People who have experienced what you are going through with their own food addiction.

Once you sign up, you will immediately start
receiving guidance to make the most of your
At-Home Food Addiction Reset Program.




"Food Addiction Reset Week gently brought me out of isolation. The perfection model so many other programs require works this way: after a week or 2, I’m an utter failure because I’m not perfect.

This starts the negative self-talk which is so painful that I lapse. That’s what happened at my last slip. I got clingy and depressed and then my brain chemistry changed. Food addiction Reset Week pulled me out of that". - Laura L. Califonia


We understand Food Addiction Reset Week is a big commitment.

To help you appreciate the power of At-Home Rehab, we are offering free live online workshops with Dr. Joan Ifland.
Let Dr. Ifland explain the science as to why this program works.


"Food Addiction Reset Week is not an outgrowth of other approaches which haven’t been verified. I feel more secure in a science-based program. I don’t have to sort through a lot of irrelevant information to get to the stuff that works.

What turned the corner for me is the attitude, based on research, that we should expect to lapse. This is comforting to know because I can get right back to clean food after a lapse. I don’t have to detour into the cycle of self-loathing and failure."  - Kathy C. UK

Are you ready to commit now?

Food Addiction Reset Week is full at-home rehab which requires you to commit a week to your food addiction recovery.
Feb 5th, 2023 - Feb 11th, 2023

Registering for Food Addiction Reset Week now, will give you an immediate sense of relief. You are now working with a leading expert in the recovery from processed food addiction


"Food Addiction Reset Week is not fear-based. It is confidence-based. We’ve all done things, so I want a program that lets me keep going if I do something. I want to come to meetings even if I’m lapsing. In other programs, if I lapsed, I didn’t want to go so I quit.

I like the idea of a relaxed week-long immersion at home. I realize that to be successful in the long-run, programs have to support me while I try out new things. I never had a program that wanted me to try new behaviors. Now I realize that it’s normal to open many oysters before finding the pearls. For recovery we have to open up a lot of oysters before we find what works for each of us.

This program encourages us to try. Other programs judge ‘trying’ as a negative. I like the ‘no deadlines.’ It’s funny, but now I can let go of the fear of never changing and make a lot more progress."

- Susan F. Florida