RESET WEEK is a recovery program designed to keep members safe from triggers and hurt feelings. We keep members safe by asking for your agreement to the following terms and conditions.

Thank you very much for your commitment to the safety of RESET WEEK.
For questions, please email Dr. Ifland at [email protected] Thanks again.

A. Members may not criticize one another. Being safe from criticism is important.

B. Members and former members may not market to one another nor recruit members to other groups. We need safety from being distracted from our recovery and from information that can be harmful to food addicts.

C. Members may not share before and after pictures of bodies because the picture could trigger the trauma of dieting.

D. Members may not mention processed foods by specific name to avoid triggering cravings in other members.

E. RESET WEEK is confidential so sharing of another person's personal information is prohibited. You are welcome to share the education.

F. RESET WEEK is an educational program. Dr. Ifland is a researcher and educator but she is not licensed to provide medical services. Members agree to refrain from giving medical advice including advice about medications and supplements. RESET WEEK is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult with your licensed health care provider before making changes to your diet and exercise routine.

G. Food Addiction Reset, LLC offers no refunds for this product.

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I'm so happy that you're going to stay at home and learn how to control your food.

Right away, I think you'll be amazed at how much money you'll be saving. 

Residential treatment facilities can cost $1000 per night! So a week is $7000.

Plus, RESET WEEK gives you hands-on guidance, tools for managing your home life, and tailored methods for staying on your food plan. From Dr. Joan Ifland who is considered the world's leading authority in recovery from processed foods.

There are many ways to connect

  • Week 1 is all-day by zoom video chat. You're getting live guidance from 8a Eastern to 10p Pacific US

  • A group ARC Advocate

  • Video Chats (3-4 video chats per day for 3 months is 180 video chats.)

  • Conference Calls (1 Conference Call per day is 90 Conference Calls.)

  • Private menu planning over PM with Dr. Ifland. (As much as you need)

  • Facebook Secret Group

  • Unlimited Email

  • Access to the Private ARC Resource Center at www.foodaddictionreset.com

Terms and conditions

What People Are Saying:

“When I woke up this morning, I started planning a binge. Normally I would tell myself I should binge because I might never have these foods again. But this time, after just 3 weeks being in RESET WEEK and following up with the ARC, I talked myself out of it. I've never been able to gain this kind of control. I've done many programs, but this is very different and amazing. In RESET WEEK, I finally feel like I have enough time to learn what to do. In other programs, I've been pressured to be perfect right away. I felt like a failure and I quit. Starting with RESET WEEK and now in the ARC, I'm able to see all the things I do well. I love coming to the twice-daily video chats with Dr. Ifland. I look forward to the pleasure of learning and growing in an atmosphere of approval. I am amazed that Dr. Ifland herself ran the hourly RESET WEEK video chats First the RESET WEEK and now the follow-up ARC meet me where I am and celebrates me as I am. I've never had that experience before. It gives me the confidence to try out the routines that give me control. I love this because I’ve never been willing to take action before! The compassion of the RESET WEEK to ARC reduces stress. This is as opposed to the shaming I’ve experienced in other programs. If someone doesn’t show up for a while, the group notices. Even though I was active in Facebook groups, no one noticed if I wasn’t there. Nobody mattered. The Facebook groups weren’t strong enough to encourage me. I’ve thought I would have to get out of my home in order to get the recovery I need. I am thrilled that I don’t have to go to a facility. I’ve got everything I need here at in the comfort of my home. The RESET WEEK gently brought me out of isolation. The perfection model so many other programs require works this way: after a week or 2, I’m an utter failure because I’m not perfect. This starts the negative self-talk which is so painful that I lapse. That’s what happened at my last slip. I got clingy and depressed and then my brain chemistry changed. In the RESET WEEK to ARC, I cannot fail because finally I have enough time and encouragement to slowly get myself organized. I can stick with this program until I am strong enough to fight overeating. The atmosphere of RESET WEEK to ARC is supportive. Members can move forward because they can take things slow and we don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to have anything done by the first day. The RESET WEEK schedule is easy to follow with allowance for lots of rest time. I can start where I am by picking a schedule and picking an activity. The activities are relaxing but based on science. There are no meaningless distracting activities. This is not an outgrowth of a 12 Step program using approaches that have not been verified. It feels more secure because it’s science-based. Lapses are expected which is comforting because we’ve all done it. I want to come to meetings even if I’m lapsing. In other programs I don’t want to go if I was lapsing. The immersion works. Starting with a week-long immersion helps. Other online programs just start with a meetings which was not enough for me. I am able to take action in the RESET WEEK to ARC because there is no punishment. I was afraid to take action in other programs because risking punishment is paralyzing but taking a risk for a reward is energizing. There’s so much good scientific information that it’s finally hitting my brain. It’s making my brain think. Now that I understand why I do things, I also understand how to change and be happier. In the RESET WEEK to ARC, a slip is no big deal. So, I can get right back to eating clean. Because I’m eating clean so much more of the time, my brain chemistry finally changed and now abstinence is much easier. Removing judgement actually resulted in having more control. For me, this is a miracle. What I really like is the supportive atmosphere. I am encouraged to take it slow. I do not have to be perfect, certainly not on the first day. The HARP schedule lets me start where I am. I get to pick the day that I want to do something, and I get to pick the action I like. Dr. Ifland knows that a lot of different activities work to calm the brain so no matter what I choose, it will help me. I am now developing a wide range of calming skills so I finally have control. RESET WEEK activities are relaxing, and they’re based on science, so they actually work towards gaining control. Meaningless, distracting branding is not a part of this program. The advice is true because it’s based on studies not someone’s imagination or individual personal experience. RESET WEEK to ARC is not an outgrowth of other approaches which haven’t been verified. I feel more secure in a science-based program. I don’t have to sort through a lot of irrelevant information to get to the stuff that works. What turned the corner for me is the attitude, based on new research, that we should expect to lapse. This is comforting to know because I can get right back to clean food after a lapse. I don’t have to detour into the cycle of self-loathing and failure. The HARP to ARC is not fear-based. It is confidence-based. We’ve all done things, so I want a program that lets me keep going if I do something. I want to come to meetings even if I’m lapsing. In other programs, if I lapsed, I didn’t want to go so I quit. I like the idea of a relaxed week-long immersion at home. Other programs are just doing random activities. I realize that to be successful in the long-run, programs have to support me while I try out new things. I never had a program that wanted me to try new behaviors. Now I realize that it’s normal to open many oysters before finding the pearls. For recovery we have to open up a lot of oysters before we find what works for each of us. This program encourages us to try. Other programs judge ‘trying’ as a negative. I like the ‘no deadlines.’ It’s funny, but now I can let go of the fear of never changing and make a lot more progress. In other programs, if I didn’t do something, I got a punishment. In the RESET WEEK and ARC, if I don’t do something, I’m encouraged to take my time and be patient with myself. It’s kind of a paradox but knowing that I have time makes me move more quickly. No pressure I guess. This program knows how to take down the barriers to progress. Now I know where my path is because I see other members twice per day on the video chat. My mirror neurons are mimicking lovely self-care. Excellent. If I slip, I can use gentle self-talk to pick up right where I left off. True choice, full permission to make mistakes. This is the first program that is truly good for me. I love the idea of the mirror neurons. I just get on the video chats and my mirror neurons make it easy for me to copy what other people are doing. I especially like the kindness. This program is not rigid so I’m able to pick the activities that are going to work best in my particular life. This doesn’t mean that the program is not thorough, exhaustive, and rigorous. It is all those things. It understands that relaxation is the key to learning and we have a lot to learn. I feel alone on Facebook. Like no one cares. When I write something on Facebook, I feel like it was going out into cyberspace. In the RESET WEEK and ARC, people know whether I’m here or not. Because the atmosphere is so positive and understanding, people share struggles. I’ve never felt comfortable sharing feelings. Finally, I have the relief of knowing I’m not alone. I’m normal. I’m a victim of food industry exploitation and I know how to protect myself. A lot of different positive actions are given permission to be tried out. Trying something new is rewarded with a celebration. Try, Observe, Talk, Tweak, Repeat, Slowly (TOTTRS). We use TOTTRS which is super liberating in an intelligent way. I now know about the science so I’m not likely to be encouraged to try something random. I like trying because it’s rewarding. I’m educated to try smart things in my own time. Always go slow is one of the mottoes. This is what is keeping me consistent. I always felt like I had to rush. So, I had unrealistic expectations of what I ought to be able to do. This was a set-up for failure, self-blame, and quitting. Now that I have plenty of time, I’m finding that I’m really successful. I just needed the right atmosphere! I feel comfortable here. I like to read and there’s plenty of reading here. It’s laid out, so I can relax and enjoy it. The RESET WEEK schedule, the Daily ARC activities, the food plan, acceptable foods, feelings are all so informative. I’m on solid ground for the first time in decades. I don’t feel like I have to defend anything, especially not me as a person and not my food. I can’t feel feelings if I feel defensive. I’m no longer hiding in my room. I don’t need to be included in events with dysfunctional people because I’m included in the video chats with healthy people like me. My food plan from last year works for me. I’m glad I’m allowed to use that. I’m being listened to. I can maintain the food plan which is comfortable for my body. In one program, I was around people who ate junk food as if it were really good. That was insane. I’m glad I’m in a program of sanity here. I have an on-going issue which I have time to sort out and talk about. I don’t have to feel guilty while I get ready to talk about it. The goal has been reframed as how to keep my mind stable, not impulsive, in accord with what I want. My cells want to be happy. I’m finally working towards the right goals. What I love is the blending and melding of compassion with science. This is what makes me comfortable enough to take action. I feel that I’m doing something that is scientifically shown to generate a result, and if I don’t make it work the first time, I’ll receive reassurance and guidance. I never receive judgement. So, it’s safe for me to try things I’ve never tried before. I’m confidently building skills as a result. Right from the orientation the attitude was, ‘don’t worry be happy.’ That’s the trick. Reduce the pressure and wow! Now I can start. It’s seems so clear, but this is the first program that gets this concept. Start where you are. Go play. Pick one thing that you already like to do. The science base gives me confidence that even though it’s fun, I’m benefiting from it big time. I like that the RESET WEEK and ARC incorporate the whole body. It’s mostly here and I can build. I can’t be a part of everything. We should have a service post for the ARC because my results make me want to be of service to others. I really like to listen to everybody. I feel so free to share. This is like reaching a peaceful country after fleeing from a war zone. This reminds me of the book, Mindset by Carol Dweck. She talks about a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. School teaches fixed mindset. Being curious leads to a growth mindset. The HARP and ARC encourage curiosity which lets me grow beautifully. In other programs, I felt like I was losing my mind. Getting rid of processed foods feels like being let out of a prison. I’d been traveling in small circles, but now I am free. Detox is not harder than one day in the active disease. During withdrawal, you only have a few more days. In active addiction, you never know when it will stop. It won’t last as long as all those years of insanity. I welcome withdrawal. Associating with other groups set me up for relapse to allergy-free processed foods. Now I feel like I’m home. What I like is not having to become anyone but myself. Depression kept me in the processed foods. This program is so positive I’m even making progress with my depression. What a relief. Because of the gentle, wise attitude towards lapses, I’m over the fear that I’ll never get to eat some particular food again. I’m relaxed and just not eating it. Now I know I didn’t want to deal with life problems because the processed foods made me depressed, tired, and brain-fogged. I had panic disorder which is gone. I love that I can manage my life so much more easily. I think in general, people are not afraid of withdrawal. However, they’re not able to tolerate discomfort if they don’t know that it’s actually withdrawal and it’s going to end in a few days. I felt a degree of hopelessness after so many attempts. Why should I bother trying to get abstinent if I’m just going to go through withdrawal again? The RESET WEEK and Daily ARC taught me how to manage withdrawal effectively, so I came through it with the attitude that I could build solid control over food. ”

RESET WEEK makes the impossible into possible and done!