"I finally have control over food."

"After decades of struggle,
I finally have control over food."

The Addiction Reset Community (ARC) is the only program
that has ever worked for me long-term. (ARC Member)

Three One-Hour Video Chats Every Day

You never wait more than a few hours for a chat so cravings are easy to control
Chats available 365 days of the year
Finding out that others have your experiences stops the self-blame
Access video chats easily from your device
Come as often as you need to

"The video chats totally saved me. They always stop the cravings." - ARC Member

A One-Hour Conference Call Every Day

Join a caring conference call to prevent overeating in the evening. Resolve stress. Stop night eating. You decide how often to join in.

"It felt impossible to stop my nightly binges. But the end-of-day conference call fixed it." - ARC Member

Conference Call Replays

Listen to conference call replays to stop stress and cravings any time
Comforting replays are available 24/7 to stop food obsession
Get access to over a thousand call recordings
Learn why losing control is not your fault

"The replays are amazing. If food obsession starts,
I just turn on a replay and the craving goes away." -ARC Member

ARC Secret Facebook Group

Stop the stress of loneliness and boredom
24 hours a day, connect with your understanding fellow members
We've all been where you are
Post questions and get great answers

"I just love that I can find company almost 24 hours per day.
I no longer eat because I feel lonely." - Tammy

Private Facebook Messenger Chat

Stop overeating because you don't know what to do
Drop in with understanding people all day
Feel the warmth of fellow members who know what you're going through
You're being heard and acknowledged

"I finally fit in somewhere.
People know what I'm going through because they're going through it too." - Kim


Replace food obsession with recovery encouragement
Turn your inbox into recovery stimulation
Three reminder emails for chats/call per day
Three emails full of encouragement per day

"I love finding messages of encouragement in my inbox.
It helps me keep up my willpower through the day." - Susie

Member Login Area

Feel confident that you're finally doing the right thing for yourself
Get access to informative step-by-step modules to assist you along your recovery journey
Find fun ways to train your brain not to crave

"Who thought recovery could be fun?
I love the ARC." - Stephanie

Get the Edge over your Food in 2019

When you join today,

you finally get what you've needed all along

You get everything listed above including these features:

  • Train to get control over your food. Stop triggers. Stop emotional eating. Stop relationship triggers. Make gorgeous non-craving food.
  • Daily opportunity to work through problems so you don't eat over them.
  • Unlimited emails with Dr. Ifland
  • Unlimited Private Message Posts with Dr.Ifland
  • A morning Live Video Chat typically with Dr. Ifland. Talk over any problem instead of eating over it.  You keep learning and growing to get more and more control over your food for a lifetime.
  • An afternoon Live Video Chat typically with Dr. Ifland including exercises to process emotions so you don't eat over them.
  • Opportunities in the Secret Facebook Group to get to know ARC members who have been through what you've been through. An end to eating over loneliness and boredom
  • Strategies for incorporating the ARC into busy lives, even workplaces.  The ARC will not let you fail.
  • Guest training videos from experts such as Julia Ross, Rhona Epstein, Natalie Gold, and Diane Rohrbach.
  • Eight written exercises that will show you exactly how to stop the eating.
  • Coaching on enjoyable activities to replace the time spent getting and recovering from processed foods.


What Members say About the ARC


These stories show me that the Addiction Reset Community (ARC) is a reliable approach to gaining control over food. I just love that members are free to pick out what works for them. What I love the most is that members feel safe.  They’re confident to move forward. I should point out that all of these successful ARC Members have tried many other programs without success, so these stories are truly exceptional. Have hope, OK?

-        Dr. Joan Ifland

The ARC is more like residential programs due to the frequent contact by video chat and conference call.  There is enough time between meetings for me to get my life in order. It’s enough to see that others are working in the same direction. The video chats give encouragement to continue to grow and not stay stagnant. We can virtually take the ARC  with us if we need to go to the grocery store.

We're taught to Try, Observe, Talk, Tweak, Repeat, Slowly. (TOTTRS). So we never fail. There is no failure. We learn at our own pace. There are many ways to develop skills, so I always have something fun to do which also moves me forward. I've never experienced anything like this and I've never gotten this far in having control over my food.

I am amazed that Dr. Ifland herself is on the twice-daily video chats and on the phone call in the evening. I feel like her expertise points me in the right direction so if I try something, it will work. I'm tired of amateurs trying to get me to do stuff that worked for them but does not work for me. I get to be myself. I don't have to fit into someone else's box. I'm moving forward every day because there's nothing to rebel against.

The flexible schedule is so important.  My big challenging time used to be after work, but now I just get on the afternoon video chat.  For other members, the evening call is the anchor. We get access when we need it rather than when the program offers it.

The fear of asking for help is gone.

The twice-daily video chat is like a face-to-face meeting.  Otherwise, my experience in other programs is that there was still isolation, so overeating was so easy. The video chats are reinforcing.  Yesterday can be done without derailing for another day. All members have common threads. The program brought me out of my isolation. The ARC is better than phone meetings as regards isolation.

Lapses are expected which is comforting because we’ve all done it. I want to come to meetings even if I’m lapsing. In other programs I don’t want to go if I was lapsing. The immersion works. There is an option for a week-long immersion which helps.  Other online programs just start with an ARC-like structure.

Instead of being forced, I’m choosing. I’m building a program that works for me because I have lots of options.

I’m not a quitter, but I have quit other programs because they just weren’t working.  I am loyal to the ARC because it is working.

I like knowing why. Here’s an example. I like knowing why using food processors keeps my food addiction active. Before the ARC, I never knew why so I kept using my food processor. Now I’m able to stop so I have fewer cravings.  

The twice-daily face-to-face online video chats are what saved me.  I can go to a meeting just by clicking a link on my phone, tablet, or computer.  Without these highly convenient and frequent meetings, isolation would overtake me.  Phone meetings are not as good.  I think I needed the visual contact. When I’m isolated, I get into a place of overeating so finally I have a program that’s giving me consistent control.

The program is reinforcing.  If I slip, yesterday is done. I’m not derailed. There is a common thread of compassion and self-forgiveness through understanding.  The ARC brought me out of my isolation and into safety.

Meaningless, distracting branding is not a part of this program.  The advice is true because it’s based on studies not someone’s imagination or individual personal experience.

Punishment avoidance is paralyzing but attraction to reward is energizing. Shaming creates risk avoidance and lack of action. Punishment leads to paralysis and avoidance of what I need to take care of myself. I’m moving along really well for the first time ever.

To me, science-based means that if you do something, you’ll get a result. Learning that this is not our fault released me from self-blame and finally I’m able to move forward.

The daily meetings keep me focused.  It’s always just a few hours until the next meeting. Facebook Groups don’t seem like real people. Traditional groups didn’t work for me. The language and the religion just aren’t my thing.

Other programs include high sugar fruits and dairy which is why I never stopped craving! Those programs create a fear of not being perfect. If I expect perfection I will always fail and quit. Making mistakes is part of the ARC program. They’re considered to be valuable learning experiences.  So, I’m always learning and building instead of feeling like a failure.  The difference is saving my life..

Community support is meaningless without scientifically-based education.  I have to know what to do.  Now I do.  And it works!

For me, the non-punishing atmosphere is what makes everything else constructive.

The twice-daily video chats mean that I’m eye-to-eye and ear-to-ear with wise people all the time. This makes me feel like I’m understood. I am not crazy.  And, there are specific, actually fun things to do help me take care of myself.

Because the atmosphere is so positive and understanding, people share struggles.  I’ve never felt comfortable sharing feelings.  Finally, I have the relief of knowing I’m not alone. I’m normal. I’m a victim of food industry exploitation and I know how to protect myself.

Taking a risk to try something new has a great risk/reward ratio. There is no risk which makes it possible to take the many, many steps needed to build a program of control.

I really like that the ARC avoids getting into the obesity, overeating, binge-eating, or eating disorder literature.  We use only the terminology of addiction and addictive use. What this means is that I’m finally dealing with the problem, and not a symptom.



Here's Dr. Ifland to share with you all the ways that the ARC
will set you free from food and dieting.


Twice Daily Video Chats

Join your fellow recovery warriors in a twice-daily live video chat. You decide how often to come.

Learn from Dr. Ifland how to be compassionate and patient while you gain the skills needed to control food.

Easy Lessons

Got a relationship problem?

Want to save time and money?

Need ideas for meals?

We've got answers for you.

Daily Conference Call

Never feel alone again. Celebrate triumphs and find comfort with Dr. Ifland and caring members of the ARC.

There are many great ways to avoid evening overeating.

Conference Call Recordings

Wherever you are, you can listen to a call recording and be among wise people who care about you.

Fun Brain Training

Play games designed to teach your brain not to crave while rebuilding learning, memory, and restraint.

Easy Exercise and Meditation

 Curb cravings with easy videos. A daily routine can be established in just a few minutes.

Risk Nothing With Our
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Participate in 10 Video Chats and 5 Conference calls
in the first 30 days of your membership.
If you haven't learned something new and useful,
your membership is canceled and your fee is returned in full.

Set Yourself Free

Join today to stop the pain
Stop the cravings and obsession
Stop the shame
Stop the hiding
Stop the loss of control
Stop the loneliness and islation

Start being YOURSELF again

Yes, I am ready to join
an understanding community!

We are so pleased to be able to offer ARC membership
at the very reasonable rate of $49 per month.

All this for only



2 Daily Video Chats

Daily Conference Call

Secret Facebook Group

Secret Facebook Chat

Fun Easy Activities 

Bonus Recipe Module


Weekly Option



2 Daily Video Chats

Daily Conference Call

Secret Facebook Group

Secret Facebook Chat

Get control of your food

Bonus Recipe Module


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