Have a look through our courses
and discover how easy it is
to obtain and maintain recovery
from processed food addiction.

Dr. Ifland uses the latest research studies
and incorporates these findings into fun activities
that we can incorporate into our day
to strengthen our recovery.

Addiction Reset Community - ARC


Every step of the way you will be working with other members in our one-of-a-kind online community.

Through video chat we are able to come together twice a day to address our concerns, find the information we need, and celebrate our triumphs.

Our Daily conference call helps our callers to identify problem areas within their recovery

and find solutions that will work for them.

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Home Addiction Reset Program


This program is developed for those who want a head start in their recovery.

This in-depth on-line recovery programs gives you 7 days worth of a daily schedule that you can use again

and again as often as you need to.

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Victory Over Food Addiction

In this quick introductory course

we outline the process of recovery in short simple steps.

We highlight the withdrawal process

and offer many tips and suggestions on how to ease

the discomfort you may endure in the first week of your recovery.

Many examples of success are offered throughout this course

to encourage you and help you realize

that there will be an end to the discomfort

and recovery is possible!

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Our 'NEW' Vegan Course

If you are a vegan or vegetarian you will enjoy these beautiful combinations put together by some of our members and Dr. Ifland. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of recovery no matter what kind of eating plan you follow. Dr. Joan Ifland's eating plan can work for you by simply replacing the meat protein with a plant based protein. Welcome to all our new vegan and vegetarian members. Recovery is possible for us ALL!

Soon you can Discover Our Vegan/Vegetarian Options and Members


Recipe Club

Join Julie as she introduces her and her family's favorite abstinent recipes. Julie has been following Dr. Ifland's program for over a year now and has developed a multitude of safe and fun recipes. Discover some new recipes and cook up a new family favorite in your kitchen with easy to follow, step by step instructions. A weekly cooking video is included as well.

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