Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 52

Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 52

I Enjoy my Life More

This week we're delving into the value of emotional stability. This is the issue is what got me to adopt food addiction as a career in 1996, 23 years ago. Yes, I needed to lose weight, and that’s what got me to try eliminating sugars and flours. I was a yo-yo dieter, and I was back at my top weight. So I tried a new 'diet.' The 'diet' eliminated sugars and flours. I was always willing to try a new 'diet.' I had no idea that I was at step 1 of recovery from vicious substances.

Along with weight cycling, emotional stability was a big issue for me. I was a rager. I had no idea that the two were related. Along with yo-yo dieting, I was working on the raging through personal therapy, women’s empowerment groups, and 12 Step Groups. I wanted the emotional stability, but none of it worked until I eliminated sugars and flours from my food plan.

Of course, I was shocked that the raging stopped. I hardly knew what to do with my emotional stability. My family was thrilled that a nice person had come to replace their crabby mother.

Processed foods are eaten at such a massive volume in our westernized cultures that I think most people have never experienced emotional stability. So today, we’re going to talk about why we love emotional stability so much. As usual, we began the discussion among ARC members to surface the reasons we love emotional stability. Then, we took a poll among the members of our Facebook Group, “Food Addiction Education.” Today we discuss the top four choices, in reverse order. Here we go.

Reason 4. I enjoy my life. Yes. I get this. The presence of an irritable person is not enjoyable. I can testify to this personally. I was so ashamed of my behavior. I never knew when I would erupt. Or when I would hurt a beloved family member. Or make an irritable fool of myself over nothing. That is not an enjoyable life.

But now, through a lot of time spent honing my ability to be kind, patient, attentive, and engaged, I feel like I’m engaged in enjoyable behavior most of the time. It’s not perfect. I just uttered a few choice swear words when I lost a few paragraphs of work. But I bounce back quickly to a place of calm. There is no value high enough to express how grateful I am to be calm and happy.

I get More Done

Reason 3. I get more done.
Yes. Emotional instability prevents us from getting things done. Emotional instability is more than rage. It also includes depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can be paralyzing. Depression can make it hard to do every the smallest thing such as get out of bed. We see no point in doing anything. Our lives feel hopeless. We lack motivation.

Anxiety can make us too afraid to take action. We can think of everything that could go wrong. We’ll attract criticism and judgment. Everyone judges us anyway so why should we even try? 

It is an incredible miracle when two things happen together. We get off the processed foods, and we get into a secure group. Getting off the processed foods reduces stimulation of stress pathways in the brain. Yes. Processed foods increase the amount of adrenalin in our system. Adrenalin makes us irritable but also very anxious. Get the adrenalin down by eliminating processed foods, and suddenly we can move forward on all kinds of projects. This makes sense.

Getting into a group means that the fear of being alone is eased. Humans have evolved as social beings. Tribes meant that we were safe. Not being in a tribe meant that we were quite likely to die from starvation or being attacked by a predator. Being in a group gives us security and security means we can move forward without a to-do list. Cool. Super cool.

My Relationships are Safer and More Fulfilling

Reason 2 that we love emotional stability is that our relationships are safer and more fulfilling.

OK. I can hear you saying, ‘No duh!’ All that irritability, depression, and anxiety interfere with relationships. It’s not hard to see that people might be turned off by anger and want to keep their distance. It’s also hard to lift other people when we’re so depressed that we can’t lift ourselves up. And anxiety means that you’re acting out ‘Debbie Downer’ all the time. It just does not promote attraction and intimacy.

I don’t think people realize that emotional stability is linked to eating clean foods. The irony is that sometimes, we lose sight of our health, and we decide to eat processed food because a friend is eating it and we want to keep them company. We think that joining someone else while they eat toxic processed foods will promote bonding. Instead, the resulting emotional instability drives us apart. We’re afraid of them and what they think. They make us mad over nothing. We assume they won’t like us no matter what we do.

Improving relationships is one of the greatest benefits of emotional stability and getting off of processed foods. People are attracted to us because they can depend on our consistently positive responses. People like being around us because we lift them with our favorable feedback. It’s an entirely different life when conversations are filled with joyful observations rather than doomsday expectations. Try it. You’ll like it.

I Remain Calm in Difficult Situations and Find Solutions

Reason 1 that we love emotional stability is, “I remain calm in difficult situations and find solutions.”

This huge. Of course, we remain aware that people around us in the US anyway are consuming a pound per person per day of sugars, flours, gluten, and French fries. This means that the levels of stress hormones in the bodies are running very high. Very high.

And high-stress hormones means that people are very like to lose it to anger, despair, or anxiety. Sometimes all three in short order. Those of us who can stand by and keep the situation from falling apart is very valuable. We can keep our loved ones from being alone during these emotional roller coaster moments. This is super valuable.





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