Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 49

Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 49


I Can Keep my Mouth Shut Because I Have Impulse Control. 

This week we report on what our people want to have by a year from now. Some of the answers are to be expected, but some will surprise. We'll look at the top four answers in reverse order of votes.

Desire number 4. I can keep my mouth shut because I have impulse control. This is a liberating desire. It liberates us from other people's turmoil. It means that when people want to get all riled up about something, they and go ahead and do so...but, we don't have to be involved. There is tremendous relief from not expending our energy on other people's uproars.

Why would recovery from processed foods enable us to keep our mouths shut at crucial moments? Well, it's just because of the way our brains are designed to work.

There's only so much blood flow to the brain. When we're in the food, blood flow goes to the craving and stress parts of the brain because processed foods mercilessly stimulate those part of the brain. There's not enough blood flow left over to run the impulse control part of the brain. That explains two behaviors. One. Our inability to resist reaching out for addictive processed foods. Two. Our inability to keep our mouths shut when someone else is ruining their lives.

It's an entirely different life when we get control of our eating and our speaking. The results are well worth the effort. All it takes is the right group of people who hold their cravings and hold their tongues. Get going on finding your group today, OK?

I can Talk to Anyone Because my Self-Esteem is Solid.

Desire number 3. I can talk to anyone because my self-esteem is solid. There are many reasons self-esteem is restored in recovery. Most people would say the main reason is weight loss. This likely comes to mind because we’ve all been subjected to the laser scan by the body-obsessed person. You know the laser look I’m talking about? The head-to-toe up and down? This laser scan look is generally delivered by someone who is body-obsessed. So, from here on out, when we get the laser scan look, we can feel sorry for the person who delivered it. It would be terrible to be the person who is so obsessed with bodies, that they're missing out on the best parts of life.

The real reason self-esteem is restored in recovery is that people gain control of their behaviors. Two important behaviors come to mind. The first is control over food. No more humiliating episodes of hands are reaching out repeatedly to eat large quantities of food. Having control over when, where, and how much we eat is the pathway to self-esteem.

The second reason for improved self-esteem is that we find something to do other than watch media. Media has one single purpose, and that is to make us feel so bad about ourselves that we buy something to stop the pain. I'm serious. All media is headed in that direction.

When we're no longer exhausted and brain-fogged, we can find plenty of super fun and rewarding behaviors, so we don't need to sag in front of our screens anymore. This means we're no longer being subjected to non-stop comparisons of ourselves with eating-disordered actors who are finding themselves in stressful situations. Without the bombardment, we have a chance to recover our proper self-regard.

Getting into a group of people who have self-esteem will speed this process along. Go for it!


I can Walk a Mile Because My Joints Don't Hurt. 

Isn't it amazing that people don't get that processed foods are inflammatory?  So many people are in pain because they want to put down processed foods and are losing against the addictive cravings.  But many, many more don't even know that processed foods are causing the pain.

I remember standing in the church where I did my doctoral program one Wednesday night at the pot luck supper.  A few people standing behind me in the line were talking about the program I was teaching there.  The first senior lady said, 'My knee pain is gone!'  Her friend said, 'What do you mean; your knee pain is gone?'  'I mean just what I said.  My knee pain is gone.  I'm eating the new food plan, and my knee pain is gone!'  These two beautiful women have been close friends for 40 years. As you can imagine, the second lady started the food plan and got the standard result...freedom from joint pain.

Is there someone you could tell about joint pain and processed foods?  So many people still don't know.  We can help turn life from suffering to joy. 

To Remain Calm in the Midst of Chaos Because I'm not Eating Stressful Foods. 

Desire number 1 is to remain calm in the midst of chaos because I'm not eating stressful foods. This is one of the greatest gifts of recovery from processed foods.  Processed foods hyperactivate the stress part of the brain.  So processed foods make us much more likely to get upset when people around us are getting upset.  This is highly unfortunate because, at moments of chaos, calm people are precious.  The calmer, the better.

My worst memory of being in the processed foods was my inability to control my rage.  I made chaos where ever I went.  My family was often deeply ashamed of me for this behavior, but not as embarrassed as I was of myself.  This release from raging was my primary motivation for delving into food addiction in 1996, 23 years ago.  The abrupt change in my behavior of raging and critical to calm and considerate led my household to adopt this plan of eating readily.  They were so relieved that they didn't have to walk on eggshells to avoid setting me off.

There are endless benefits to recovery from processed foods, but the ability to stay calm is at the top of my personal list.

Why This is NOT Your Fault

There are so many winnings in the game of recovery. Worth more than the biggest lottery payout. Our sanity is our life and processed foods can block our sanity in the space of a second under the wrong circumstances. We’re so lucky to be able to surround ourselves with healthy people who understand how to protect themselves from Neuro-marketing and intense cravings




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