Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 43

Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction Reset - Issue 43

mirror neurons newsletter Dec 06, 2018

 Go Ahead Make My Food Addiction Worse

Today we unlock the mystery of how we manage to lose control over our food...against our will and much to our dismay.  Science is increasingly focused on the role of mirror neurons in our decisions about what to eat.  It seems that these powerful neurons can direct us to do what the people around us are doing...no matter what...eating. Especially when it comes to eating. Have you ever had the experience of watching someone eat something and then getting an intense craving for that food?  Maybe you haven't thought about that food for a long time, but suddenly you can't get it off your mind.  Those thoughts could be coming from your mirror neurons.  Those mirror neurons might think that eating the same thing as the other person could save your life, even if the opposite is true.  So learning how to manage the thoughts that emanate from mirror neurons is super valuable.

Your mirror neurons are always watching what others are doing and urging you to do the same.  They're on radar duty all the time, regardless of where, when, and what is going on.


Distorting Science

I've had my distress at the mercy of my mirror neurons. I started recovery in 1996, almost 23 years ago. I caught some serious breaks in the early years of my recovery regarding having my mirror neurons on my side.

First, I persuaded my family to join me in clean eating. So everytime my husband and two kiddos ate clean, my mirror neurons approved of me eating clean too. If I'd been eating differently from my family, my mirror neurons would have been screaming at me to conform. It would have made it much more difficult for me to eat clean.

Secondly, I was not a television watcher. So watching people eat bad food and drink bad drinks also did not set off my mirror neurons in a panic to conform. I was lucky.

Another break is that I was not a restaurant eater. I'd been making food since I was a teenager. So, I wasn't exposed to people eating bad food in restaurants. Restaurants rev up your mirror neurons because there are so many people gobbling bad food at the same time. This is stimulating to mirror neurons so much so that they can be calling for relapse for hours, even days after a visit to a noisy restaurant.

Furthermore, I wasn't a shopper. I'm not the person who goes to the mall for hours on end just to walk around. Ever notice that the food court is often centrally located in malls? This is to let your mirror neurons see as many people as possible eating. So your mirror neurons will tug on you to eat too. What a mess. Does this help you see why you might relapse? Avoiding these situations could make all the difference in your safe food plan.


Insider Tips About Loss of Control

Mirror neurons are so fierce at driving us to conform because for millions of years, conforming meant surviving.

 People lived in tribes.  Often, each member of the tribe had to do precisely the same thing at the same moment to avoid death.  If a tiger suddenly appeared, every member had to run fast — any member who decided against running met death.

 Suppose an earthquake meant that everyone had to run out of a cave at the same moment.  The one who decided against running could have been crushed.  So imagine that the whole tribe goes hunting for food, but some just don't want to go.  You can believe that those who decided not to go didn't have anything to eat. So the non-conformers didn't survive to pass on their genes.

This means their malfunctioning mirror neurons did not get passed on.  That means that all the genes that did get passed on have superlatively functioning mirror neurons.  That's why our mirror neurons are so powerful and why we have to consider them when deciding who we're going to hang around with.

 We're going to be strongly led to do what those people are doing so we better choose carefully...especially when it comes to eating good foods or bad foods. 


Research Missing in Action

How can you keep your mirror neurons happy?  Well, conforming is the key to maintaining mirror neurons from becoming anxious about whether you're going to survive or not.  And, your mirror neurons indiscriminately want you to conform to whoever is around.  Mirror neurons are not the part of the brain that decides whether the behavior is healthy or not.  That takes place in the frontal lobe.  

Unfortunately, processed foods make the frontal lobe crash, so that's not a reliable source of good decisions about food.  However, the frontal lobe is where we make decisions about who we're going to hang around with.  So put your frontal lobe to good use right now.

Decide that you're going to find people who eat clean.  Yes. There aren't many of them out there, but you can do this.  Maybe initially, you're only going to find them virtually on the Internet.  One place you can find plenty of clean-eaters is at the Facebook Group, Food Addiction Education. I hang out there a lot as does our Manager of Operations, Sheila Yount.  You can ask us all the questions you like, and we'll give you expert answers based on the latest science.

The other place you can binge watch a clean-eater is Food Addiction Reset TV on Youtube.  FAR TV has filmed over 40 episodes of the show, "Hidden in Plain Sight: Food Addiction." You can fill your mirror neurons with expertise and motivation for eating clean.  Yes, I know it's only one person, but it's a start.  


Why This is NOT Your Fault

The best way to ensure that your mirror neurons are filled up with the urge to eat clean is to join the Addiction Reset Community.

There you will see other clean eaters as much as you like. We offer two hours per day of community video chat at zoom.us.

We also offer a daily conference call. In all my 23 years of studying how to help people, nothing works as well as video chats. If you've never been able to eat clean, it's probably only because your mirror neurons never had three hours per day of gazing on clean eaters.

Make sense? Visit FoodAddictionReset.com today.


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