What Do You Learn?

Here are the skills and knowledge you will learn to empower you to lead your Addiction Reset Community Members on the journey to recovery.

PHASE I. Preparing to host ARC Video Chats and Calls.

I. Dr. Ifland's Presentation to Low Carb USA, Seattle May, 2019. Get a good foundation of the science behind an ARC.

 II. ARC Training Audio Recordings: Host Techniques.  Listen to and summarize 20 of the brief Training Recordings made at the end of ARC Chats. They are found at the ARC Training FB Group. Your ARC Manager Training Progress Spreadsheet will include these 20 recordings. You'll be pleased at how much you know.

III. ARC Calls and Chats.  100 hours of live participation followed by brief written feedback makes you the master of your own ARC environment. You will receive a FARA Training Progress Spreadsheet to track your progress.

IV. Avenues to Success.

V.  Handouts.  Learn more about the content of the Handouts found at www.foodaddictionresources.com empowers you to guide ARC Members through their new lives of recovery.

VI. Processed Food Addiction Textbook. Read and respond to the Processed Food Addiction textbook. This could take up to a year. You'll be surprised at how much this foundational knowledge prepares you to answer ARC Members' questions. We will identify key chapters for you. You don't have to read the whole book.

VII. ARC FB Group. On a daily basis, take a few minutes to create your own posts and comment on other posts.

VIII. Food Addiction Education (FAE) FB Group. Respond to FAE members with compassion and wisdom.  It only takes a few minutes per day and it really lifts people up...including you!

IX. ARC Exercises For each of the ARC exercises, make a short video explaining the exercise by giving the questions and then by giving a personal example of each. These include Eight Healing Questions, What I Wanted Story, Poetry, Stories of Transformation, Flash Cards, Play-Writing, and Pennebaker Writings (optional.) You'll also want to practice explaining affirmations, gratitude, favorite benefits and off the top of your head exercises.

X. ARC Resource Center Make a zoom video of how you would explain what's in each segment of the Daily ARC Reset Community Course at www.foodaddictionreset.com.




PHASE II. Preparing to Build an ARC.

I. Defining your ARC

II. Practice Chat and Call Hosting.  Run Chats and Calls.  Put your knowledge and skills to work. Gain confidence and have fun. Learn the most important points to make in a chat

III. Individual Food Addiction Education (FAE) Members at Facebook. Learn how to encourage and connect with individual FAE members. Making initial contact with FAE members is the first step in leading them through the enrollment process and building your ARC membership rolls.

IV. Science Explanations Learn how to explain the science behind processed food addiction.

V. PMing and Emails

  a. Enrollment

  b. Induction

  c. Maintenance

  d. Retention

  e. Tracking

  f. Correspondence

 VI. POD Management. Working in small Private Messengers groups to engage and retain Members. Take on new responsibilities easily through practice and repetition.

Delving Deeper                                                                                                                                          Optional lessons to help broaden your knowledge of processed food addiction.

I. Food Addiction Reset TV on YouTube. Watch and comment on episodes.  Continue to build your knowledge.  Be a hero to your Members.

II. Dr. Ifland's Meal Prep Manual and Video. How would you explain basic meal prep to an ARC Member? Learn how to encourage members to batch cook for the week in a few hours.

III Food Addiction Core Training

IV ARC Books. Read five books that are used in ARC Chats.  Suggestions include Mindset, Resilience, Hard-wiring Happiness, Taming your Gremlins, and The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook.

V. Educational Video Watch and comment on 10 short educational videos. Links to choose from will be in the lesson.

VI. Dr. Ifland Interviews Watch and comment on 5 interviews with Dr. Ifland. The links will be in the lesson.


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