Recovery has bumps and potholes

I’m not going to kid you. There are some hard things that Food Addiction Recovery Advocates (FARAs) have to live through…with their dignity and self-respect intact.  

Addictions are hard to overcome. It’s painful for the addicted person to endure the lapses. It’s painful for the FARA to go through lapse after lapse with addicted Members.  It’s hard for the addicted person to attend event after event where people are hurting themselves with processed food, but the food still looks tempting.  It’s hard to fight the anguish of cravings.  It’s hard fight cravings, to hold on tight to the edge of your seat, and to count the minutes until the next ARC video chat will end the agony of fighting the voice of the addiction alone.



Addictions are living hell for the addicted person.  They’re living hell for the people who love the addicted person. It’s hard for ARC Members to maintain the perspective that each lapse is building more resistance to caving.  With the right training, FARAs remain a beacon of light in an otherwise very grey world.

You are hanging with the toughest addiction fighters on the planet.



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