I’m so excited about the FARA training

I trained to become FARA Certified because I have literally tried almost every diet, treatment, and program out there. They all made me feel like I failed when in actuality, they failed me.

I was drowning in the deep blue sea 4 years ago. I prayed and found the ARC through the Facebook Group, Food Addiction Education. Dr. Joan Ifland held out a life preserver to me, I grabbed it and climbed into the ARC of safety. I have been living in peace with myself and food. Food no longer controls me and neither does obsessive thoughts.

I’ve witnessed how Joan has put her heart and soul along with her 27 years of experience with processed food addiction together to form this amazing program, Addiction Reset Community. It is the most comprehensive treatment I've ever seen or been a part of. She is a compassionate, empathetic, kind person who knows exactly what we are struggling with.

The ARC works so well that I want to be a part of helping others in a compassionate and empathetic way. I don’t want others to suffer the way I have. I hope others will come along on this journey with me.




I wanted to share why I joined the FARA training program.

Processed foods and I go way back. Every job I've ever worked has been related to the food industry to include my current business.

When I came into recovery, over time I found that I could no longer go on this way. I am in transition now. I still own that food company, but I am training to become a Food Addiction Recovery Advocate for processed food addiction.

For my next career, I decided, I wanted to help people as I have been helped. I also wanted a job that could help me with my recovery process. I wanted to do all of this while earning a living.

I'm excited.


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