Has a loved one ever died from a diet-related disease?

By now, you’ve likely heard that someone you care for has died from heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s or the complications of obesity.  This happened to me recently with three friends. The husband of a long-time friend was found dead from a heart attack in his home.  My former next-door neighbor died of breast cancer.  And a college housemate died of prostate cancer.  I learned of all three in the same week.  


I think most people have watched a loved-one die from a diet-related disease by now.  Our culture doesn’t really prepare us to think that we could help others with diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.  I think there’s a certain attitude of helplessness. 

I wish I had been able to train someone close to my friends in how to help them.  I wish I’d been able to train a wife or a husband in how to walk them through the process of respectfully clearing the house of processed foods and participating in shifting activities away from food stimulation to peaceful games, walks, and shared learning programs. When students undertake the FARA training, they’ll be making friends with dozens of others who are equipping themselves to prevent untimely and unnecessary deaths in their own circles of friends and family as well as their ARC members. 

Food Addiction Recovery Advocates with the FARA Certification never have to stand by helplessly while someone they care about dies because they didn’t have the skills to effectively help them.


Helplessness is gone


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