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You have before you the opportunity to become a FARA trainee and earn the FARA Certification.  You have the opportunity to work with the kindest, smartest people in the field of recovery from diet-related diseases.  You have the opportunity to make a part-time income by sharing your knowledge about processed food addiction in an environment of tremendous respect for the individual.  You can walk away from jobs in unsafe environments under the supervision of dysfunctional bosses.  Instead of enduring the stress of a demanding job, you’re basking in the light of support that keeps both you as an Advocate as well as your Members from the predatory psychological warfare of the processed food industry.  

1. I think some people might be afraid that they’re not qualified. Maybe they’re still struggling with their own food.
You're own battles with food are the credential you need. At the moment, you also need to speak, read, and write English. You’re smart enough, wise enough, and strong enough to do this job. You will be amazed at much easier it is to maintain control over your own food and life. You’ll take advantage of the FARA training over and over as you teach others the gentle ARC warrior way of life.

2. How do you sign up?

You will remember the day you signed up to become a Food Addiction Recovery Advocate (formally ARC Manager Training) and the Food Addiction Recovery Advocate (FARA) Certification. You will always be glad to have spent time in the company of people who are determined to be kind and strong in all circumstances.

Click on the button below to find three easy ways to sign up.

Don’t wake up tomorrow still wondering how you’re going to get out of your terrible job, your stressful finances, and your out-of-control food.

Wake up tomorrow with the thrill of knowing that you’re on your way to becoming a FARA trainee with the FARA Certification.

See you at the FARA training.


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