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The epidemic of overeating and diet-related diseases is not going away any time soon. Being FARA-Certified means joining a historic movement to recover from the misery of processed food addiction.. 



Being trained as an Food Addiction Recovery Advocate and earn the FARA Certification means that you will never again meet someone who is delusional about their food and feel helpless because you just don’t know what to do.  You’ll know how to engage them in conversation that gives them hope and opens the door to getting help.  This is empowering.  You will feel stronger and more capable than almost anyone around you.  As you age and a new generation comes into your life, you’ll be able to protect them against the misery of processed foods. Are there many situations in which the Food Addiction Recovery Advocate training and the FARA Certification could be useful?

Yes, LOTS. You’ll be helpful in so many situations.  If friends and relatives are ever hospitalized, you’ll be able to help them avoid becoming sicker from institutional foods.  When moms need help figuring out what to put in their kids’ lunches, you’ll know what to tell them.  When people’s household members object to clean food (yes it happens all the time), you’ll have the strategies for helping. It's different but just as powerful as being a firefighter!

Just like a firefighter, at the end of your life, you’ll be able to look back over so many situations where your training and kind heart kept someone safe from relapsing on toxic processed foods.  Many people will recall you fondly as the person who lead them out of the pain and suffering of processed foods and into the light and peace of recovery. 



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