Conquering The Enemy:
Beating Food Addiction with
Faith-Based Wisdom!

Self-guided Course

Conquering the Enemy: Beating Food Addiction with Faith-Based Wisdom has the latest science merged with the spiritual roots of food addiction. We can't separate ourselves; God has made you Spirit-Soul-Body. Our Soul includes our Mind, Will and Emotions. We are created in the image of the Triune God; we, too, are three in one. Therefore, to conquer the enemy of food addiction in our lives, we must address our triune nature. 

Have you ever wondered why this diet or that diet never lasted long term? "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not, but what I hate I do." (Rom. 7:15). That's a common experience even by Bible Believers who've known Jesus for years. That ENDS NOW!

In Conquering the Enemy we look at the very roots of food addiction, far beyond diet or exercise. We look at the spiritual holds from generations past,  the common struggles of people, and we provide the tools, prayer and support to work through those issues that have held you back. 

The Lord says in His Word that we've been made "More than Conquerors through Christ Jesus" (Rom. 8:37). 

Come On, let's do this once and for all! You're worth it; you are a child of God and He wants His best for you. Yes, Jesus loves YOU! 

Meet our expert facilitator, Cathy Dickson

(Rev.) Cathy Dickson, Master’s Biblical Studies, BA with Health & Social Science, Former Adult Educator, Missionary, Pastor, Author, and passionate about helping others become their best selves.

Cathy has first-hand experience with a lifetime struggle with food, from the chubby little girl to the obese woman, until she understands it’s not her fault. There’s a system designed to enslave each one of us. There is a system designed to enslave us; it hijacks our natural neurochemistry and causes us to crave “foods” damaging our bodies.

Cathy would love to help you overcome your struggle, once and for all, by conquering the enemy and his lies.

What you can expect during the 4-week course:

Week 1:

Intro: Sharing stories. How the enemy uses food to deceive us. The principle of “3”; Boundaries

Week 2:

Learning to Lean on God. Why Change? Does the Method Matter? Eating with Wisdom

Week 3:

Body-Soul-Spirit Connection. Accountability. Principles of Failure vs Success. Walking in The Truth: Emotional Eating

Week 4:

Running Your Race: Spiritual Warfare. Supernatural, Powerful Transformation is Yours. Slipping, Falling & Lapses


Here’s what you get:

What is included:

  • The self-guided Conquering Food Addiction With Faith-based Wisdom course
  • Course Outline
  • A PowerPoint Copy of all slides for review or to follow along as the screen is shared
  • Private Facebook group membership for one month. Get support in a kind, fun environment!



  • Understanding the Spiritual Realm Behind Food Addiction and Recovery
  • How to Lean on God and How to make real and lasting changes
  • Dealing with Emotional Eating by the Power of the Way, Truth & Life
  • Transforming from the Bondage of Deceitful Dainties to Freedom through Christ


What people are saying about
working with Cathy

"Understanding the truth of where my overeating came from has set me free, free to heal and free to be the person God designed me to be."

~ Jane M.

“God has been giving me the strong determination and major self-control to only eat healthily and stay away from all junk foods and bad foods. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. And it is working!”

~ Maureen S.

"God is always with me to guide and strengthen, no matter the temptation."

~ Barb T. 

“Who, but God, sets us free? I appreciate this community who embraces truth and reflects compassion and provides companionship as we all journey together into wholeness in body and mind and soul. All of these pieces of us matter!”

~ Kim A.

“In recovery I have learned how to connect with God, connect with myself and connect with my community, which has lead to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.”

~ Sandra C.

“My faith in God provides an anchor for my recovery.  On my own, I am like a wave tossing back and forth with my thoughts, words, and behaviors.  My faith draws me back to True North because I’m anchored in Him. I take my thoughts captive sooner because of what I am learning and applying to my life.”

~ Christina D.


The Self-guided

Beating Food Addiction with
Faith-Based Wisdom!

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